Age of Empires mobile Game is Coming!

by Kevin Fever, Saturday, 29 October 2022 (11 months ago)
Age of Empires mobile Game is Coming!

The Age of Empires Mobile Game, which strategy gamers have been waiting for, was finally released.

There are only a few fingers that can count the number of people who have not played Age of Empires, which was introduced to our world 25 years ago. With its recent games, it has been able to reclaim its place in the popular charts. Age of Empires Mobile was launched today. It has been asked many times why it wasn’t done in years.

Age of Empires Mobile will be available on both iOS and Android. Microsoft has long been trying to get into the mobile gaming market. He has already done this with previous productions like Age of Empires Castle Siege or Age of Empires World Domination. The only mobile devices available at the time were the Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6S. This meant that graphics performance was still quite poor compared to what it is today.

Although the exact information regarding Age of Empires Mobile has not been released, it appears to be the tablet and smartphone version of Age of Empires 4. This locks strategy players onto their computers.

Moreover, today’s flagships are more powerful than notebooks in processor and graphics performance. On the screen side, nearly all of them use HDR, 120Hz AMOLED panels.

You can watch the new trailer of Age of Empires mobile from the link below.



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