Battle Legion MOD APK v2.9.1 (Menu/God Mode, Damage)
Battle Legion MOD APK v2.9.1 (Menu/God Mode, Damage)

Battle Legion MOD APK v2.9.1 (Menu/God Mode, Damage)

You will get Damage multiplier and God Mode through Battle Legion MOD APK Menu. If you want to defeat monsters and your opponents quickly, this mod is for you.

Name Battle Legion
Publisher Traplight Ltd.
Genre Simulation
Size 75.5 MB
Latest Version 2.9.1
MOD Info Menu/God Mode/Damage Multiplier
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Battle Legion is the most famous version in the Battle Legion series of publisher Traplight Ltd.
Mod Version 2.9.1

There is a huge demand for engaging, exciting and interactive games that can be played for a very long time. One game that is extremely popular is Battle Legion. What makes Battle Legion so appealing to players? It is a high-quality, beautifully designed and fantastically varied RTS game that has multiple gameplay modes, including an idle-style, unlimited-unit mode. This game may be different from other games, but it is popular because of the many game options, customization, and the ability to play for a long time.

Battle Legion Explore


In Battle Legion, you create a personal army of soldiers, tanks, and airships. The game features 100v100 realtime battles. With limited resources and only a small number of units, you must create a horde of units to overwhelm your opponents. You can make them from scratch, or from premade designs. Your army is ever-growing, and you should be too. The more you play, the bigger your army becomes. As you increase your rank, you’ll unlock unique designs and skins which can be used to create new units. Each unit has a variety of stats that define their strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to you to create a balanced and effective army.

Battle Legion Build


Collect resources to make your army stronger. Collect resources by taking down an opponent’s army, or by building your own. Building your own army allows you to create your own battle plans and customize your legion. The game gives you the option to play either online or offline. You can also use your resources to buy and upgrade your own legionary generals.


When you first start, you are given a legion of 30 units, but as you rank up, you are given access to more units, which is a lot of units. That is a lot of units to get used to. As a general, you need to use these units effectively in order to win battles. To increase the power of your army, you will need to upgrade base buildings and fortifications. These things will increase the power of your buildings, as well as increase the power of your soldiers. Your army will be more powerful and capable of winning more battles as you upgrade these upgrades.

Battle Legion Unlock


In the Battle Legion game, you are given a limited number of units, and as you rank up you can unlock more units to use in your legion. There are over 100 units in the game, and players can also customize their units with skins so that they can look unique. The customization options are endless, so you can make your army stand out from the rest.

Battle Legion Customize Your Army


This game is purely designed for strategy, so you’ll be able to turn the tide of battle with your strategic skills. And to make your legion stronger, you’ll need to recruit new troops, and that’s where the game really gets interesting. When you’re ready to start a new mission, you’ll have to choose a faction and recruit troops. This can be done by spending money on your troops. You can also recruit troops without spending money, but it will take time. The other option is to find and recruit the troops by using your troops to scout the area. When you’ve found the troops you want, you can recruit them by spending money on them. You’ll need to do this if you want to unlock new skills for your troops.

Battle Legion


Fight epic monsters and loot their treasures in this idle battle game. Battle Legion is a free to play idle battle game where you build your own army of heroes and fight epic monsters.

Battle Legion Fight


This Battle Legion Mod Apk will help you get a lot of damage and to defeat your opponents quickly. You can use this Battle Legion mod to get a damage multiplier that is hard to come by in the game. This will help you to hit the enemy and kill them quickly, so you can get more rewards.

Battle Legion Collect Skins


How do I create my army? 

You can create your army from scratch or use premade designs. As you increase in rank, you will unlock unique skins and designs to use for creating new units.

How does combat work? 

Combat takes place in real-time 100v100 battles. You must strategically deploy your units and utilize their strengths and weaknesses to overcome your opponents. 

How do I upgrade my units? 

You can upgrade your units by increasing their stats through upgrading technologies, or by unlocking new designs and skins to create stronger units. 

Can I play with friends? 

Yes, you have the option to join or create a clan, allowing you to play with friends and collaborate on army strategy. 

What are the resources in the game? 

The main resource in the game is gold, which is used for creating and upgrading units. You can acquire gold through battles, daily missions, and bonuses.  

Is there a ranking system? 

Yes, as you increase in rank and level up your army, you will unlock new designs and skins for creating units. Your rank is also shown on the leaderboards, allowing you to compete with other players.

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