Blade Girl: Idle RPG MOD APK v2.0.18 (God Mod/One Hit/Mana)
Blade Girl: Idle RPG MOD APK v2.0.18 (God Mod/One Hit/Mana)

Blade Girl: Idle RPG MOD APK v2.0.18 (God Mod/One Hit/Mana)

Blade Girl: Idle RPG MOD APK, you can have One Hit, God Mode and Unlimited Mana. so you can kill all monsters very easily.

Name Blade Girl: Idle RPG
Publisher fleximindg
Category Simulation
Size 81.4 MB
Latest Version 2.0.18
MOD Info Mega Menu/God Mode/One Hit/Mana
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Blade Girl: Idle RPG is the most famous version in the Blade Girl: Idle RPG series of publisher fleximindg
Mod Version 2.0.18
Total installs n/a

  • Mega Menu
  • God Mode
  • One Hit
  • Mana

The world has been living in peace for a long time. But one day, a dragon suddenly disappeared. Then came a huge number of monsters that appeared. The monsters were becoming more and more ferocious. The saints had seen this situation and brought in someone from another world to help them.

However, their saint was not able to enter the country to help. That’s why the saints called you. You are a saint that can use the power of a saint! The only thing required from you is to help the hero save the world. You have to go to the country, save the world and save the saint as well. This is a simple game with simple controls.

Blade Girl Idle RPG 3


You control the hero and the monsters are the enemies. You can see your progress in the game. You can upgrade your hero by using the power of a saint. There are many different saints. You can also collect a lot of different items in the game. You can also get a lot of power and upgrade your hero.


It’s a great time to play ‘Blade Girl: Idle RPG’! It’s an idle RPG with a cute girl protagonist and simple controls! The game is very easy to play.

Just tap the screen to move, and tap again to attack. Collect coins and buy new skills! As you enter into the game, you will be able to enjoy various events with cool and cute girls. You can also use your coins to upgrade your skills. We hope you enjoy the game!


Blade Girl: Idle RPG is a game that comes with a lot of characters. There are many characters that you can choose from and you can play as them. Some of the characters that you can choose from are Hero, Elf, and Witch.

There are many heroes in Blade Girl: Idle RPG. These heroes can equip different things and change their battle style. Each hero has unique skills and the main hero is a sword girl. You can choose the hero with the best skills, weapons and equipment to fight.

You can also use a variety of items to help you through the game. The game features a storyline mode and an endless mode. The endless mode features random enemies in various stages. You can also collect items in the endless mode and use them to build your character.

Blade Girl Idle RPG 5


Blades Girl is a game that allows you to customize your hero in different ways once you have discovered your desired personality. There are three stages available for you to choose from that you can play through to earn experience and coins.

You can also enter the adventure mode where you can experience the game in a different way. The Adventure Mode has you experience the story of the game in a different game style.

You can choose which class you want to play in the Adventure Mode. The class you choose will determine the stats and skills you will have access to.


Blade Girl: Idle RPG is a role-playing game where your ultimate goal is to save the world. The game has a simple graphic style and simple controls, which is what makes the game easy to pick up and play. As you level up your hero, you will be able to unlock a total of 15 different skills, or skill sets.

You can use these skills to defeat monsters or bring back peace to the world. After you have leveled up your hero, you can choose to upgrade your hero by purchasing new skills.

Blade Girl Idle RPG 2


In the game, the player can equip weapons, armor and items. Types of weapons are the Blade Girl’s standard weapon, a crossbow, a sword, a shield, a bow, and a hammer. The player can equip the standard weapon, shield and crossbow to the left of their avatar. The player can equip a sword, bow and hammer to their right of their avatar.


In the world, there were a lot of monsters, but after some time, the monsters became more ferocious and no one could defeat them. The saints who saw this situation brought in someone who will become a hero from another world. In this game, you are the saint.

You will become a hero from another world. You will have to fight with the monsters with your power and save the world! You can use the power of a saint to overcome the monsters! Enjoy the game with simple controls!

Blade Girl Idle RPG 1


In a peaceful world, the dragon that protect each country Disappeared. Now, the world is getting more and more dangerous. You’re a saint! An existence from a different world with a power from the god of gods! You’re going to help a hero save the world! In this idle RPG, you’ll tap to move, tap to attack, and tap to use skills. 


Blade Girl: Idle RPG is an adventure idle RPG game which is a free game. The main features in Blade Girl: Idle RPG are the Ore, the item, the unlimited mana system and the One Hit God mode. The ore is used to craft the items and they are needed to build and upgrade the main base and the weapons.

The item system is used in the game to collect and upgrade the weapons and the spells. The unlimited mana system is used to increase the maximum mana in the game and to increase the efficiency of the player. The One hit god mode is used to kill all monsters in the game in one hit. The game has a lot of features that you can explore.

Blade Girl Idle RPG 4


Q: What is Blade Girl: Idle RPG?

Blade Girl: Idle RPG is a browser-based game that is a unique blend of RPG and idle game. The goal of the game is to help Blade Girl defeat her enemies and become the most powerful warrior in the world. To do this, players must collect experience points, gold and items.

Q: Will there be any in-game events?

There will be events that occur randomly.

Q: Will there be any in-game items?

There will be items that can drop from the monsters.

Q: What are the controls for the game?

Tap and hold the screen to move the hero, and tap the screen to attack the monsters.

Q: What is the mod Apk?

A: Blade girl: Idle RPG Mod Apk is an unofficial game modification that is an add-on in the game.

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