Choices: Stories MOD APK v2.9.7 (Premium Choice, Keys)
Choices: Stories MOD APK v2.9.7 (Premium Choice, Keys)

Choices: Stories MOD APK v2.9.7 (Premium Choice, Keys)

Choices: Stories MOD APK is a free premium choice app that allows you to make choices in Keys. This Mod has been designed to work with all Android devices.

Name Choices: Stories You Play
Publisher Pixelberry
Category Simulation
Size 83.2 MB
Latest Version 2.9.7
MOD Info Free Premium Choice, Keys
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Choices: Stories You Play is the most famous version in the Choices: Stories You Play series of publisher Pixelberry
Mod Version 2.9.7
Total installs n/a

  • VIP Unlocked
  • Free Premium Choice
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free Looks
  • Free Hairstyles
  • Free Outfits

Do you ever feel like your life feels like playing a game? Well, in the world of storytelling games, that’s exactly what it’s like. Every choice you make affects not only the outcome of one story — but every other story around it.

The same goes for the gameplay elements: they all have a domino effect on everything else. These are the choices and features we love from storytelling games to give you an inside look of why these games are such a great way to tell stories.

Choices Mod Apk


“I’ll never look at a choose-your-own-adventure book the same way again.”

  • Andrea, “I love the relationships formed and the choices that will affect the people around you.”
  • Marie, “The game is an immersive, beautiful and thought-provoking experience.”
  • Brendan, “The best part of It’s Not Always Perfume is the complex relationships between the people you meet.”
  • Julia, “It’s a truly incredible game. The choices you make feel significant, and you see the ramifications of those choices in other characters’ lives.”
  • Amanda, “This is an amazing game that gets better as you play.”
  • Ian, “I love this game! It is so good to be able to explore relationships between characters and make memories together.”
  • Lauren, “The game is incredibly well made, with an atmospheric and melancholic atmosphere that draws you in and makes you feel important.”
  • Ella, “It has a perfect blend of gameplay and story.”
  • Jessica, “I love the game because it allows me to be a creator of stories. I am able to choose the outcome of my own story and tell others about it.”
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Making every decision you make in a game is a choice. Choosing which friends to be with in an online RPG, or what route to take in an adventure game, is a choice.

The choices you make, and the characters and relationships you build, are what make these games unique and special. These are the stories you play.

We’re keeping these stories as authentic to the medium as possible. There are no Hollywood-style romances or epic fights.

Instead, players navigate complex and realistic relationships that are sometimes happy and sometimes sad. There are no right or wrong decisions here — just a whole new way to tell a story.

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Choices MOD APK is a free premium choice app that allows you to make choices in Keys. The Choices MOD APK has been designed to work with all Android devices, and it is very easy to use. Simply download the Choices MOD APK from the link below, and then launch it on your device. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself, and then you will be able to make choices in Keys. Choices MOD APK is a great way to get premium choices for free, and it is definitely worth a try.


The stories in the game are influenced by your choices. This means that every decision you make changes the story of every other character in the game.

The stories in the game will continue to change in real time based on your choices. This is how storytelling games work.

Choices Apk
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The core gameplay of the game is built around the relationships you have with the other people in the game. You’ll be navigating complex relationships based on different factors. How you treat certain characters is based on their feelings for you, and how close you are to them.

You can also show them different gestures, like giving them a rose or a hug, that can have different meanings. Your sensibility towards other people’s feelings will also affect the choices you make. Every choice you make has different consequences for others.

You might see other characters react to those choices. Choices can also have an indirect effect on the game. Choices can help you unlock new features in the game, like having an audio diary.

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Q: Why is the game so heavy on relationships?

We believe that the most interesting and compelling stories are the ones that are built on complex relationships. In It’s Not Always Perfume, every decision you make in the game is based on a decision someone else made, and how they feel about it. It takes the player out of their own head and puts them in other people’s shoes.

Q: What if I don’t like relationships?

We understand that not everyone wants to dive headfirst into the complex web of human relationships. That’s why the game has so many different ways to experience it. You can play it as a straight adventure game, or as a visual novel where you can skip the relationships parts. You can also play it with one of your best friends and experience it with them.

Q: What are the benefits of using Choices MOD APK?

There are many benefits of using Choices MOD APK. First of all, it is a great way to get premium choices for free. Additionally, Choices MOD APK is very easy to use, and it works with all Android devices. Choices MOD APK is a great way to get premium choices and keys for free, and it is definitely worth a try.

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Choices Apk 1


We believe that games can tell stories in a more immersive and engaging way than books or movies. Games allow players to explore stories in an interactive way that books and movies simply can’t compete with. Storytelling games are now one of the most popular genres in gaming. If you’re looking for a new way to tell stories and explore different relationships, we think it’s worth checking out.

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