Citampi Stories MOD APK v1.74.013r- (Free shopping/No Ads)
Citampi Stories MOD APK v1.74.013r- (Free shopping/No Ads)

Citampi Stories MOD APK v1.74.013r- (Free shopping/No Ads)

Citampi Stories Mod APK allows you to do Free shopping. You get all the accessible everything in the game.

Name Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG
Publisher Ikan Asin Production
Category Role Playing
Size 101.6 MB
Latest Version 1.74.013r-
MOD Info Free Shopping/No Ads
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Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG is the most famous version in the Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG series of publisher Ikan Asin Production
Mod Version 1.74.013r-

There’s a lot of things to do in the town of Citampi. The town has a rich history and a lot of things that make it worth living in. You have decided to move to Citampi to pay your parent’s debt and find your happiness. You are also living with your best friend, and while she is not a resident of Citampi, she is willing to help you out. You have picked up a variety of jobs such as working on a farm, gardening, scavenging, and so much more. This blog will take you on the journey of how you got to the town of Citampi, the jobs you’ve picked up, and everything else that there is to do in this town.

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Once you arrive in Citampi as an outsider, you’re ready to start your new life. You’re living in a small house in the middle of town that belongs to your parents. The house is right next to the community farm and the only other house on your block, so you know you’re not going to be bothered. The community is relatively small, consisting of 3 other houses, the farm, and a general store. This is a good thing for you, because you’re going to have time to find all the jobs you want! There are so many different jobs you can do in Citampi!

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The game has a shop where you can buy items, a mini-farm/garden where you can grow fruits and vegetables, and an animal shelter where you can adopt a pet. To grow fruits and vegetables, you can use your mini-farm/garden. In order to grow fruits and vegetables, you need to plant your seeds. To plant your seeds, you need to buy the seeds. The seeds are found in the shop. When you plant the seeds, you will see them grow in your mini-farm/garden. There are many ways to grow your vegetables and fruits. For example, you can plant your seeds in dirt, or you can plant your seeds in a pot. If you plant your seeds in a pot, you will see them grow in your mini-farm/garden.

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n animal in the Citampi game can be adopted as your pet. Make sure to take care of your pet and buy it food, water, and toys to keep it happy. There are many other animals in the game that can be adopted as your pet.

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Treasure hunting is a popular activity in the world of Citampi Stories. In the game, you can find many items that are scattered around Citampi. Some of these items can be found in the different buildings, shops and buildings of the town, while others can be found on the ground, as well as in the water. As you explore the town, you will find a variety of treasures such as coins, jewels and even some ancient artifacts.

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From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, there are so many things to do on this journey to happiness. Your first job is to find a job. This will give you the much-needed money to buy a home, car, and even some items for a garden. We recommend getting the costume shop at the mall. You can buy some dress-up costumes to play dress-up with.

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When you first start your game, you will be given the option to create a character. You will decide what your child’s gender is, and then you will assign the parents of your child. For example, if your child’s gender is male, you’ll give your child the father’s name. If your child’s gender is female, you’ll give your child the mother’s name. One way you can help your children is by assigning them a role in Citampi Stories. You can assign your children the role of a farmer, a scavenger, a hunter, and even a fisherman. You can also assign them a role of a shopkeeper, and teach them how to sell items to customers. What fun would it be to have children in the game if your children couldn’t play? You can explore the world of Citampi with your children. The world is a big place, and your children can help you find all kinds of things.

Citampi Stories Upgrade


Citampi Stories Mod Apk is the best mod for Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG. This mod is easily accessible to download, and it offers all the accessible items in the game. So if you want to buy something, or you need to do a quest, this mod will help you out. This mod is essential to Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG. Citampi Stories Mod Apk is a mod that allows players to do all the things they are unable to do in the original game. You can get free coins and diamonds or buy them with real money. Also Ad-free. You can spend hours playing and it never gets old. This game will keep you entertained for hours on end. So if you want to download this mod, you can do that by visiting the link below.

Citampi Stories

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How do I find the quest?

There are multiple ways to find the quest. The most common way to find the quest is to head to the “Quest” tab in the menu, and clicking on the “Find a quest” button. If you have already done the quest, you can find it by clicking on the “Find quests” button.

How do I complete the quest?

To complete the quest, you need to find the person who gave you the quest and talk to them.

What is Citampi Stories Mod Apk?

A mod is a modification of the game that changes the way the game is played. With Citampi Stories Mod Apk You get ad-free and free shopping.

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