Combat Quest v0.34.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond/Gold)
Combat Quest v0.34.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond/Gold)

Combat Quest v0.34.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond/Gold)

You can get unlimited Unlimited Diamonds and Gold with Combat Quest Mod Apk so you can enjoy playing Combat Quest at your own pace.

Name Combat Quest
Publisher ChillBase
Category Action
Size 136.9 MB
Latest Version 0.34.8
MOD Info Diamonds, Gold
Get it On Google Play
Combat Quest is the most famous version in the Combat Quest series of publisher ChillBase
Mod Version 0.34.8
Total installs n/a

  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Unlimited Gold

Today, we’re introducing Unlimited Diamonds and Gold for all users of the newly released Combat Quest APK. Combat Quest is a free-to-play action RPG for Android set in a world where monsters battle against each other on an hourly basis.

The game features more than 60 different monsters from across different series, and as you play through the story, you’ll unlock even more creatures to fight against. With so many different types of battles available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. We’re here to help! Today we’re releasing Unlimited Diamonds and Gold so that you can enjoy playing Combat Quest at your own pace.

Combat Quest Mod

Combat Quest Unlimited Free Diamond & Gold Features!

  • With Premium features disabled, the game offers a free experience with the ability to purchase the ability to use Premium features, Gold, and Diamonds via in-app purchases.
  • Each creature in Combat Quest has their own set of stats and abilities, and as you fight them, you’ll earn EXP that you can use to increase those stats. That’s part of the fun of the game, unlocking new creatures and seeing how they fight.
  • The game also has a Quest mode where you’ll battle against AI controlled monsters while leveling up your characters. With this mode, you can save up your EXP so that you can battle tougher opponents when you’re ready!
  • You can collect rare items, including rare class scrolls that give your characters special skills.
  • The game also has Arena mode where you can fight other players, and in-game currency can be used to purchase rare items.
  • Lastly, the game has an extensive shop where you can buy rare items, class scrolls, runes, and more.
Combat Quest Mod Apk

New Combat Quest APK for Android with Unlimited Diamonds & Gold!

We’ve also released a new Combat Quest APK for Android that comes with the following features:

Unlimited Diamonds: Enjoy the game without having to worry about purchasing more Diamonds, as you’ll receive 1,000 free daily.

Unlimited Gold: Stop worrying about running out of Gold and enjoy unlimited access to the game’s premium currency.

Quest Map: To make it easier to find locations that have special items, or to quickly return to a quest’s map, you’ll have a Quest Map added to the game that you can use while playing offline.

Combat Quest Hack

Quest Log: To help you keep track of quests, rewards, and items that you’ve unlocked, you’ll have a Quest Log added to the game.

Quest Assistant: Stop trying to remember what to do next when you have a Quest Assistant that automatically goes through the steps of taking a quest and unlocking rewards.

Combat Quest: Journal To help you keep track of your quests and items, the game’s Journal will be added to the game.

Mod Features

In addition to the features above, this new Combat Quest APK also has Mod features that you can use to unlock Unlimited Diamonds and Gold in the game. The Mod features are as follows:

God Mode: With God Mode enabled, you can fight against a set of AI controlled monsters that will never get stronger.

Master Mode: Fight against a set of stronger AI controlled monsters. Once you’ve beaten them, you can return to the battle and fight against the same monsters again.

Combat Quest Apk

Super Runes: Instantly make a rune level 1 that has higher stats than the default runes.

Super Skills: Enable or disable Super Skills that give your characters special skills.

Guide to Unlock Unlimited Diamonds & Gold in Combat Quest

The following sections will walk you through the best way to get unlimited Diamonds and Gold in Combat Quest:

  1. Purchase items from the shop. You’ll get 50 Diamonds for every $0.99 item that you purchase, and you can get $1.99 items for free.
  2. Complete daily quests. Each day, you’ll receive a free quest that will give you Diamonds as a reward.
  3. Complete special quests. You’ll be able to unlock a set of special quests that give you a random reward each time you complete them.
  4. Complete the game with all creatures. Once you’ve completed the game with all 56 monsters, you’ll unlock a special set of challenges that will let you fight bosses without any real danger of death. Of course, you can get all of these with Combat Quest Mod Apk is free.
Combat Quest Apk Download

Tips and Tricks to Unlock Unlimited Diamonds & Gold in Combat Quest

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you unlock unlimited Diamonds and Gold in Combat Quest as quickly as possible:

  • When buying items from the shop, make sure to select the “$0.99 for 10 Diamonds” option.
  • To keep track of your quests, challenges, and items, enable the Quest Map in the game settings.
  • Keep an eye on the Challenge Mode where you’ll be able to test your luck in getting rare items.
  • The best way to speed up the process of getting through the game quickly is to complete quests that give you a reward of 100 Diamonds.
  • The quickest way to earn Diamonds is to complete daily quests that give you a reward of 1,000 Diamonds.


We hope that you enjoy Combat Quest and the new Premium features that we’ve added. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team, or leave a comment below!

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