Darkness Rises MOD APK Download – 1.69.0 for Android (High Damage)
Darkness Rises MOD APK Download – 1.69.0 for Android (High Damage)

Darkness Rises MOD APK Download – 1.69.0 for Android (High Damage)

New Darkness Rises MOD Apk that you can install, more challenges and more EPIC BOSS FIGHTS for you to complete! Also high damage active!

Name Darkness Rises
Publisher NEXON Company
Genre Role Playing
Size 99.3 MB
Latest Version 1.69.0
MOD Info High Damage/mod Menu
Get it On Google Play
Darkness Rises is the most famous version in the Darkness Rises series of publisher NEXON Company
Mod Version 1.69.0
Total installs n/a

  • High Damage

The newest version of the popular game, Darkness Rises has just been released! This is another great addition to the series. The developers at Gameloft are hard at work coming up with a slew of new and exciting games for us to enjoy. This also means that we’re going to see constant updates and lots of new content.

The premise remains the same; You are playing as Alex Mercer, a man who has been infected with an alien virus after a mysterious accident.

The only way to become human again is by hacking your body and turning into a terrifying creature known as an “Exoskeleton”. However, this doesn’t happen right away; you have to raise your strength until you break out of your containment room, granting you access to your full power.

Every time you play, you gain experience and unlock new abilities as well as perks that will help you along the way.

That’s where Darkness Rises comes in! It offers dozens upon dozens of different “MODs” that can be activated whenever you like (even when offline). These are all available from the start so there’s no need to purchase anything extra or wait for them to become available through in-game currency or unlocking achievements/trophies for completing specific tasks throughout the game. You can simply download & install MOD APK from here.

Darkness Rises MOD APK

What is Darkness Rises?

This is the latest version of a game that has been around for a while. The basic premise remains the same. You are Alex Mercer, a man who has been infected with an alien virus after a mysterious accident.

The only way to become human again is by hacking your body and turning into a terrifying creature known as an “Exoskeleton”. The only difference is that this time you get to experience the story from the perspective of a military group trying to contain this virus.

There are new Darkness Rises MOD Apk you can install, more challenges for you to complete, and more EPIC BOSS FIGHTS! Darkness Rises is an epic new chapter in the critically acclaimed Chaos Agent game franchise. An epic story, challenging gameplay and epic boss fights await you as you hack, fight and evolve your way through an army of “Exoskeletons” and uncover the truth behind the virus that infected you.

Darkness Rises

How to Download Darkness Rises MOD APK

There is a dedicated section within the game called the “MODs” menu. This is where you download & install all of the Darkness Rises MODs available for your game. – Once you’ve downloaded the Darkness MOD APK, you just need to open the game and activate the MOD in the “MODS” menu. – From there, you’ll be able to use all of the MOD’s features and enjoy the game as if you had purchased them. If you ever want to remove a MOD, you can simply go to this menu and delete it.

Darkness Rises Mods

Key Features

  • New MODs: There are new MODs available to download, including a new “Rush MOD” that lets you play through the story at twice the speed. There is also a new MOD that lets you experience the story from a new point of view, along with a few others.
  • New Challenges: There are even more challenges for you to complete, letting you earn more in-game currency and unlock more Trophies/Achievements.
  • New Characters: There are two entirely new characters you can play as, along with the return of a few familiar faces.
  • New Gameplay Features: There are countless gameplay features that have been enhanced and/or added, letting you explore the world and experience things in new ways.
  • New Locations: There are tons of new locations to explore, letting you explore new areas and discover new loot/loot chests while you’re at it.

Darkness Rises MOD


Exoskeletons are the bane of your existence, but you are powerful and have many options available to you. You can hack different objects to create new weapons, including a chainsaw, a fire extinguisher, and a hammer.

You can also use your drone to hack objects and create shields to protect yourself from incoming attacks! Darkness Rises has tons of EPIC BOSS FIGHTS, including some new ones and a few from the original game that you may have forgotten about. You’ll even see a few familiar faces return again, including the Spider-Bot from the original game!

Darkness Rises APK


The developers at Gameloft have once again created a game that feels like an epic, open-world experience. It is full of hidden items, new locations to explore, and tons of loot to find and collect. You can explore the world and find new locations, such as a prison, a nuclear power plant, a military base, and other interesting places.

Darkness Rises also boasts a great story with tons of lore and plenty of surprises. You’ll learn more about the virus that infected you, along with some new information about the characters you meet.

You’ll even see some familiar faces die, letting you see what happens when people die in this game. There are tons of side quests available, letting you explore the world and find tons of loot. You can also find special hidden items that can upgrade your weapons and let you travel faster.

Darkness Rises MOD APKs

Tips & Tricks for Playing Dark Zone Rises

You can use the “Shuffle” button to randomly change your order of upgrades/stats. This ensures you get different combinations each time you use it. – You can use the “Remote Hack” option to hack objects that are too far away for you to reach with your drone. You can also use the “Sprint” option to sprint for a limited time. – You can hold down on the “I” button to open the “Sprint/Taunt” menu. – You can change the “Camera” settings from this menu, letting you control the camera movement and zoom level. – You can use the “Charge Power” feature to charge your power faster.


Darkness Rises is another great addition to the Chaos Agent series. The developers have done an excellent job creating a challenging game filled with tons of content and plenty of MODs to choose from. This game is a MUST for fans of the series and an absolute blast for gamers looking for a challenging, epic experience.

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