Devil Kiss MOD APK v1.2.0 (Free Premium Choices)
Devil Kiss MOD APK v1.2.0 (Free Premium Choices)

Devil Kiss MOD APK v1.2.0 (Free Premium Choices)

You get Free Premium Choices thanks to Devil Kiss MOD APK. You will have a more comfortable gaming experience.

Name Devil Kiss
Category Simulation
Size 70.6 MB
Latest Version 1.2.0
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
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Devil Kiss is the most famous version in the Devil Kiss series of publisher
Mod Version 1.2.0

Heaven is a world where humans, angels and devils live together. The angels and devils are enemies, but they are also attracted to each other. One day, an angel and a devil fell in love. Their love story has a tragic ending, but the couple’s love for one another never ended. The couple’s children are now grown up. In the story, you are a human who had the opportunity to be reborn into the world of devils and angels. You can marry any one of three possible sons or daughters of the couple from each side of the love story.


There are many choices and decisions to be made in this game, with the main goal of gaining the love of the main character, and the bad guys are certainly a part of that. You are not playing a typical otome game where you are just the love interest. In this game, you are the heroine and the love interest is the hero. In the game, you get to make more than 100 choices and decisions to steer the player’s story. The choices are primarily split into two groups, the “Good” choices and the “Evil” choices. The decisions made will determine the player’s good or evil points. The game features a lot of CGs and pictures, and it has a Gothic theme.

Devil Kiss 2
Devil Kiss 3


Devil Kiss is an interactive romance otome game with attractive angels and dangerous devils. With a dark and elegant design, this type of game is perfect for those who love to create their own love stories. The game is set in a world ruled by angels and devils. The protagonist, a young woman, is in charge of the evil devil Chi who is also her guardian angel. Together, they are on a mission to find their love. The choices and decisions you make will lead you to different endings and different love stories.


There are many different endings and hidden events that you can discover by playing the game. You will be surprised by the different outcomes and the twists. When you start the game, you will choose your character’s gender, name and appearance. There are also many choices to make – your personality, your background, your love, your rival and your friends.

Devil Kiss 1
Devil Kiss 4


You’re the heroine of the game, the protagonist who chooses their own fate. You’re the only one who can save the world from destruction. Which side will you choose?


There are many love stories in this world, but most of them are all about the good guys going for the end and winning the love. The heroes don’t always win, but they always have a happy ending. However, what if you wanted to change the ending and make it more personal? This is where the Devil Kiss game comes in. The game is an interactive romance game where you play as the heroine. You get to choose your own love story and make your own decisions. The choices you make will determine how the story will end. It is up to you whether you will be a good or evil heroine. You get to decide between a good and evil ending. The endings could be good or evil, happy or sad. There are many possible endings to this game. They are all full of different choices and decisions.


If you are a fan of romance games, you will love this Devil Kiss Mod one. It has everything that you are looking for. The game is set in a school and you will get to try out your luck with the boys you meet there. You can get premium accounts with the help of the Devil Kiss Mod Apk. You will be playing the game with plenty of options and you will have enough time to do whatever you want while you are playing. The game will be more relaxing and you will have a lot of fun which will be hard to resist.

Devil Kiss 5
Devil Kiss

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How does the game work?

As the player, you will choose your own love story and make decisions throughout the game. The choices you make will determine how your story ends, whether it be a happy or tragic ending. 

Can I play as a male protagonist? 

Unfortunately, at this time the game only allows for a female protagonist. 

Can I play as a good or evil heroine? 

Absolutely! It is entirely up to you how you want your story to go. Will you choose the path of good or evil? 

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