Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK v3.1.1 (Mega Menu/Defense/Multiple/Dmg)
Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK v3.1.1 (Mega Menu/Defense/Multiple/Dmg)

Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK v3.1.1 (Mega Menu/Defense/Multiple/Dmg)

Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK is a tool that allows players to modify the difficulty and type of success of the game. It offers various options for the difficulty level.

Name Disney Mirrorverse
Publisher Kabam Games Inc
Genre Role Playing
Size 1.24 GB
Latest Version 3.1.1
MOD Info Menu/Defense Multiple/Dmg
Get it On Google Play
Disney Mirrorverse is the most famous version in the Disney Mirrorverse series of publisher Inc, Kabam Games
Mod Version 3.1.1
Total installs 1M+

  • Menu
  • Defense Multiple
  • high damage

Are you ready for a new adventure? The new Disney Mirrorverse is a beautifully-designed action RPG game for mobile devices. In this game, players assemble teams of amplified, action-ready, 3D Disney and Pixar characters to battle against a dark force.

Disney Mirrorverse is not your average game, it takes the experience of playing a game up to the next level. Disney Mirrorverse is a game worth checking out. It is visually stunning with a whole new divergent Disney universe that players can explore.

Disney Mirrorverse Mods


Disney Mirrorverse is a new action RPG game for mobile, set in an all-new divergent Disney universe where players assemble teams of action-ready 3D Disney and Pixar characters to battle against a dark force.

The game is visually stunning, with a 3D world filled with varied environments to explore and beautiful characters from Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. The game features a unique battle system that combines the nostalgia of classic action games with the speed and fluidity of massive online battles.


he story behind Disney Mirrorverse takes place in an alternate universe where the events of Disney films are different. Our story follows the adventures of a young girl named Emily and her friends, who have both the opportunity and the responsibility to fight against the darkness.

Disney Mirrorverse Tips


The heart of the Disney Mirrorverse is a unique blend of interactive storytelling, real-time player-vs-player combat and exploration, and cross-platform compatibility that allows players to socialize, strategize, and explore together.


In Disney Mirrorverse, players join teams of powerful Guardians to battle the Fractured enemies. Guardians can be a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar Disney characters, and players will be able to upgrade and shift between their Guardians to find the best combination of powers and abilities.

Guardians battle Fractured enemies by using their elemental powers to destroy them, while also using their tactics and teamwork to weaken the enemy.

Hero abilities can also be used to attack and weaken the enemy. Players can use these abilities to their advantage to battle the enemy or use them when their Guardians are low on health to heal them.

The Mirrorverse is a place where different worlds co-exist in harmony. Players must use their team’s unique abilities to protect the Mirrorverse from the Fractured. Guardians are divided into four classes: Tank, Healer, Assassin, and Support. Guardians can choose to team up with up to three other players to form a party to form a 5-man party.

Disney Mirrorverse Mod Apk


The Disney Mirrorverse is an expanded universe that combines the worlds and characters from classic Disney movies into a single game. The game has over 100 original locations, new and familiar characters, new gameplay mechanics and more.

Every player is a Guardian who has been chosen to protect the world from Fractured enemies. As players work through the game, they earn experience, level up, and collect new powers. Players can also build their own team, choosing from over 100 Guardians.

Disney Mirrorverse Mod 2


The Mirrorverse is the story of two stars who collided long ago. Millions of years later, the light and dark forces of the universe have collided, creating a universe in which familiar worlds are now threatened by hordes of unrelenting Fractured enemies.

In the Mirrorverse, players can create their own guilds of Guardians and join together to battle through a series of game modes and missions.


In the Disney Mirrorverse, players can fully customize their own experience. Players can choose to play in the Battle Mode, where they can participate in PvP battles with their friends in a 3D environment, or the Campaign Mode, where they can explore the story of a Guardian, and help defend the world of their worlds.

The Mirrorverse also has story campaign, where players can explore the history of their Guardian, and also learn about the story of the Mirrorverse. The Mirrorverse’s story is divided into chapters, each of which can be tackled in a game mode that suits your tastes.

Disney Mirrorverse Mod 1


In the Disney Mirrorverse, players are Guardian characters, who must battle through the different worlds of the Mirrorverse, using their unique skills and powers to harness the magic of the stars.

In order to play, players will need to be assigned a class and acquire their first Guardian armor and weapon. Guardians have a wide variety of outfits that can be used to customize their characters and combat the enemies of the Mirrorverse.

Each outfit is designed to offer different elemental benefits, with some providing healing, protection and even offensive advantages in combat.

Disney Mirrorverse 3


Unlock your favorite Disney characters in the Mirrorverse. The Mirrorverse has been a beloved game by Disney fans and gamers, who have spent over 6 years playing the game. The game has been released on various platforms, but it was only recently that the game was launched on the Disney app.

The Mirrorverse has been a platform for players to explore various Disney stories and characters. The game is full of quests, battles, and rewards. REWARDS: Here’s the quest list for the top 20 quests, which is a combination of story quests and side quests:

  • The Beginning of the End: Main Story Quest
  • A New Beginning: Side Quest
  • Time of the Season: Side Quest
  • Gotta Get Out of Here: Side Quest
  • The Wrong Road: Side Quest
  • Battle for the Dream: Main Story Quest
  • Andrea’s Last Stand: Side Quest
  • The Secret of the Old Turtle: Main Story Quest
Disney Mirrorverse Apk


Explore the stunning new worlds of Disney Mirrorverse as you discover and unlock over 50 unique special abilities that give you the power to overcome any situation. Guardians possess natural talents and training that allow them to summon powerful creatures, protect the innocent, and defeat enemies.

The Mirrorverse is full of surprises and opportunities to explore new worlds and experience a completely new adventure with the Disney and Pixar characters you know and love. So jump in and explore a whole new universe with amazing new abilities!


Dangerous Dungeons has our most challenging challenges yet! In this instalment of the Disney Mirrorverse, you can explore 4 dungeon levels with 4 different themes. Complete challenges, collect artifacts, and place in the top 10 on the global leaderboard to win ultimate bragging rights!

When you enter the Mirrorverse, you are faced with nothing but a dark, scary, and dangerous world. To survive, you will need to explore dangerous dungeons and complete quests to rack up points. If you’re brave enough, you can complete the dungeon of the day and collect valuable artifacts to help you on your journey.

The Mirrorverse team has been known to throw in the occasional party or special event to keep things interesting. Players who complete the dungeon of the day will receive a special reward for their efforts. 

With the start of each dungeon, you’ll have one chance to enter it, and you’ll have a limited time to complete it. You’ll have a chance to earn points, and in the process, you’ll have the chance to collect valuable artifacts that will become a part of your Mirrorverse’s history.

Disney Mirrorverse 4


Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK is a mod that can be used with the Disney Mirrorverse game. This app will allow you to change the difficulty as well as unlock the menu. The difficulty can be set to easy or hard, and it will allow you to adjust the health of the enemies.

Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK is a tool that allows players to modify the difficulty and type of success of the game. It offers various options for the difficulty level and allows players to progress at their own pace. It also allows you to adjust the amount of stars and coins that you need in order to win.

Disney Mirrorverse Mod Apk Download


What is the Disney Mirrorverse?

This level is the ultimate Disney fan’s dream-come-true, where the stories of Disney and Pixar characters have evolved dramatically to match the new high-stakes world of the mirrorverse.

What is the significance of the level?

In this level, you’ll find new characters, new enemies, new levels, new gear and new magical powers to unlock.


The Disney Mirrorverse mod is a modification for the Disney Mirrorverse game. The purpose of this mod is to allow people to play the game on a harder difficulty. The difficulty can be set to easy or hard. With the mod, you can adjust the health of the enemies and unlock the menu.

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