Hero Tale MOD APK v0.3.2f3 (Unlimited Money/Coins)
Hero Tale MOD APK v0.3.2f3 (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Hero Tale MOD APK v0.3.2f3 (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Hero Tale MOD APK allows you to have Unlimited Coins and Coins. That, you can make your hero much stronger and complete the upgrades.

Name Hero Tale - Idle RPG
Publisher Weird Johnny Studio
Genre Role Playing
Size 149.2 MB
Latest Version 0.3.2f3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Coins
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Hero Tale - Idle RPG is the most famous version in the Hero Tale - Idle RPG series of publisher Weird Johnny Studio
Mod Version 0.3.2f3

Summon heroes, defeat enemies and fight your way through the game. The following game is a story of a boy, fighting against the monsters on the island. The boy travels on a journey to learn about the world and the skills he have. There is a lot to explore in this game and you are sure to find something special.

Hero Tale Idle RPG 1


The Hero Tale – Idle RPG is built on one principle-the player has to complete the set of missions and quests in order to progress. When the player starts the game, he will find himself in the middle of a tropical island, with a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. The player starts in the cottage with a single character, the main hero. He will have to progress in the game in order to find more characters, complete quests and gain experience.

Hero Tale Idle RPG 2


The equipment you start with, is not going to work for all situations. You will want to start upgrading it so that you can fight stronger enemies with more ease. When you start upgrading your equipment, your stats will increase with each upgrade. You will be able to hit harder, take more damage and have more health. You should also start out by sharpening your swords, bows, and your trusty shield because they are your “main” weapons and the ones you will be using the most. You will also want to find a good shield to protect your back. If you are starting out, you should also upgrade your boots and sword.

Hero Tale Idle RPG Boss


Gaining experience from completing quests is one of the many ways to level up. When you gain experience, you will move up a level. This is one of the many ways your hero can level up. It is also a means to help your hero become stronger. The more your hero levels up, the more powerful and more skills you will unlock.


The game has a skill progression system that allows you to customize your hero. The more you use your skills, the more your skill score increases. This score is used to determine how effective your hero is in battle.

Hero Tale Idle RPG Skills


Crafting is one of the main parts of the game. To create and upgrade weapons, armor, potions and jewelry you need to collect resources as well as crafting items. This part of the game is a bit different from other RPG games. You don’t need to find a recipe to create and upgrade items, this part is more accessible and easy to use. All you need to do is upgrade the item, but for that you need to collect resources.

Hero Tale Idle RPG Items


As you explore the map, you will come across an interesting variety of places. There are many dangers on the island. Some of them are friendly, and some of them are not. There are also many things on the map that you can find. You can explore the map and collect items like food, weapons, and armor. You can also find quests. These quests will give you experience and in return, you will get a reward. You can also find skills. These skills are like spells, and will give you advantageous effects during battle.

Hero Tale Idle RPG Map


Hero Tale – Idle RPG Mod Apk is an idle RPG, so you play idle and level up your hero. However, you need to purchase them to access this option. Well, there’s a way to gain unlimited Money and Coins and make your hero much stronger! You need to download the mod APK and install it. After you install it, your hero will gain unlimited Money and Coins and you can make your hero much stronger.

Hero Tale Idle RPG

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How do I defeat enemies?

To defeat enemies, you must train your combat skills and equip better gear. You can also strategize and customize your equipment to fit your fighting style.

Can I explore the island?

Yes! The island map will guide you as you discover new locations and destinations.

What can I do to level up my character?

Completing quests and defeating enemies will earn you experience points. You can also spend skill points in the massive skill tree to further develop your character’s abilities.

Are there any in-app purchases available?

Yes, players have the option to purchase items and equipment to aid them in their adventures. However, all gameplay features are accessible without making any purchases.

How do I install the HERO TALE – IDLE RPG MOD APK?

Simply download the HERO TALE – IDLE RPG MOD APK and follow standard installation steps for any Android app.

Can I still play and enjoy the game without using the mod APK?

Of course! The mod APK simply offers an alternative way to gain unlimited resources and strengthen your hero. You can still play and enjoy the game without it.

Will I get banned for using the mod APK?

This is unlikely, as long as you do not engage in any suspicious activity that would warrant a ban.

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