Hero Wars MOD APK v1.153.007 (Unlimited Money and Gems)
Hero Wars MOD APK v1.153.007 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Hero Wars MOD APK v1.153.007 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

With Hero Wars Mod APK you get Unlimited Money and Gems. so you can grow your kingdom very fast and dominate the world!

Name Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles
Category Role Playing
Size 86.2 MB
Latest Version 1.153.007
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Gems
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Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles is the most famous version in the Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles series of publisher NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD
Mod Version 1.153.007
Total installs n/a

  1. Unlimited Power Energy
  2. Unlimited Gems

Hero Wars is a fabulous game with a great storyline and amazing graphics. Help the Prince and his beautiful Princess find their way back to the Palace and restore peace to the world. With a variety of playable characters, modes and quests, Hero Wars is a must-play game.

As a guardian of the Fortress, your task is to defend the Kingdom and defeat your enemies. The game is wonderful, the world is welcoming, and it’s just enough familiar to be exciting without being too different. It’s a great time to get into the game and find some new friends.

Hero Wars 1


As a hero, you have a mission to protect the people in your kingdom. However, there are many obstacles that will stand in your way, like the evil and strong enemies that are always on the lookout for you. Your quest to protect your kingdom will require you to fight and use your skills to defeat these enemies.

As you fight, you will earn XP and unlock new skills to use. The more XP you earn, the stronger you will become. You will be able to train your army to fight for you and pass down your skills to other heroes.

You can also form guilds with the other players in the Kingdom to fight alongside each other. You can also send your heroes to other kingdoms in the Kingdom Battle.

The more Kingdom Battle you participate in, the more rewards you will earn. The Kingdom Battle is the best way to expand your power and become the most powerful hero in the Kingdom.

Hero Wars 4


Want to build a great hero? Then join forces with other players and collect items, level up your hero and unlock powerful skills to create a powerful army in Hero Wars. Train your army and fight your way through the PvP arena in this online RPG game. Assemble a team of heroes, train them up and form a guild to help you fight. Explore the world and discover hidden quests, rewards and treasures in this fun and fast paced MMO game. It’s time to power up your hero in Hero Wars.

Hero Wars Features

  • Many heroes to choose from, each with their own unique skills and abilities
  • Earn XP as you fight and defeat enemies
  • Train your army to fight for you
  • Pass down your skills to other heroes
  • Defeat the evil enemy forces and protect your kingdom!
  • Exciting and fast-paced gameplay
  • Hero development and customization
  • A large variety of skills to unlock and use
  • A challenging and engaging campaign mode
  • An expansive world to explore
Hero Wars 3


Skills in Hero Wars are unique in how they work. Sure, you can use weapons and spells in a variety of ways, but there are also skills that don’t involve any combat. These skills are there to help you level up your hero and make them stronger. Each skill is ranked and has its own perk. You’ll need to use these skills in order to level up your hero.


The power system in Hero Wars is the key to victory. It is the primary focus of the game and the reason you’ll be playing it. It’s a free-to-play multiplayer online RPG fantasy adventure. You will have to balance your character’s power in order to survive. You can power up your heroes, unlock skills, train your army, and forge a guild.

Your skills will decide the outcome of the battle. You’ll also have to make decisions on how to spend your power. For example, you can choose to train more troops, strengthen your army, or make a peace treaty with your enemies. Your choices will decide your power level, which will determine your standing in the game.

Hero Wars 2


When you start a new game in Hero Wars, you are provided with a variety of weapons and armor. However, there are also some items that you can use to enhance your heroes and skills. For example, you can buy a skill book which will boost your heroes’ attack. You can also buy a few types of potions that can help you in battle.

There are also some items that you can use to help you with your guild and army. For example, you can buy a city or town, which will allow you to develop the city’s production and ensure that it is steadily growing. You can also buy a guild hall.

Hero Wars Mods


For a warrior’s equipment, you’ll need to make sure that you have the best gear in your inventory. It’s what will allow you to take your enemies down, and it’s what will allow you to take out your enemies before they even know what hit them.

There are many different types of equipment, and they vary depending on the different classes of your heroes. For example, a Warrior’s equipment would include weapons and armor. You could also include weapons and armor for a rogue, a knight, an archer, a mage, or a healer.

Other equipment that you might find useful will include potions and food. You can also find equipment that is specific to certain types of heroes, such as a warrior, or a rogue. Be sure to check out the equipment in-depth for your class and find the best gear for you and your warrior.

Hero Wars 5


When you create your hero in Hero Wars, you will be given opportunities to unlock skills and train your army. When you are fully trained in your skills, you’ll be able to level up and unlock more skills. You’ll also be able to earn achievements. When you reach a certain level, you’ll unlock a new level of your hero. You will also be able to unlock new skills and pass on what you’ve learned to your guild members.

Hero Wars


In Hero Wars, you play a hero and you are a part of a guild. Your guild is one of the three forces fighting for supremacy in the land. In order to take on the forces of evil, you have to have a powerful guild and great heroes. The heroes are the most important part of your guild’s strength.

Your guild can only be as strong as its heroes. To design a great hero, you need to plan ahead. So, you’ll need to be making your plans now. The best thing that can happen to your guild is to choose the right guild leader. The guild leader is responsible for the success of the guild, so you need to choose the right one.

You can also choose to leave your guild at any time. You can also join a new guild or create your own. It is also important to make sure that you are training your heroes. Your heroes will have to be trained to unlock skills and stronger abilities.

Hero Wars 6


  1. Explore the world and talk to NPCs to learn more about the game and what you should do next. 
  2. Fight all the enemies you come across to earn XP and level up your character. 
  3. Train your army regularly so that they are able to fight for you in battle. 
  4. Upgrade your skills regularly so that you can become stronger and better equipped to handle tougher enemies. 
  5. Hero Wars is a game that can be enjoyed however you play it. There is no one specific way to win, so have fun and enjoy the quest!


Hero Wars Mod Apk is a new and amazing game with many features. One of the features that make the game so amazing is the unlimited money and gems. It is easy to get unlimited money and gems. However, if you want to get unlimited money and gems, you need to download and install the Hero Wars mod APK on your phone. It is not hard to install the mod APK on your phone. All you have to do is open the app manager and find Hero Wars. You can then install the Hero Wars mod APK and then you will have unlimited money, gems and everything else. This mod will allow you to grow your kingdom very fast, and dominate the world. Hero Wars Mod Apk gives you the power to create a world of your own.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
Hero Wars Mod


What is Hero Wars ?

Hero Wars is a game where you play as a hero who must protect their kingdom from evil enemies. You will fight these enemies and earn XP to level up your character and unlock new skills. 

What do I need to do to play Hero Wars ?

To play Hero Wars, you will need to create an account and download the game. Once you have done this, you can start playing immediately. 

How do I win in Hero Wars?

There is no one specific way to win in Hero Wars. The game is designed to be enjoyed however you play it. However, defeating all the enemies in your kingdom and becoming the strongest hero is one way to feel like you have accomplished something in Hero Wars. 

What are the features of Hero Wars Mod APK?

You will get Unlimited Coins and Gems with Hero Wars Mod APK.

How can I get Unlimited Money and Gems?

You need to download and install the Hero Wars Mod APK on your phone. You can then install the Hero Wars mod APK and then you will have unlimited money, gems and everything else.

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