Heroes Infinity MOD APK v1.36.14 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)
Heroes Infinity MOD APK v1.36.14 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

Heroes Infinity MOD APK v1.36.14 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

Heroes Infinity MOD APK makes all in-game content accessible to you with no cost. With the MOD APK installed, you can have unlimited Money and Diamond.

Name Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes
Publisher DIVMOB
Genre Strategy
Size 264.6 MB
Latest Version 1.36.14
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Diamond
Get it On Google Play
Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes is the most famous version in the Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes series of publisher DIVMOB
Mod Version 1.36.14
Total installs n/a

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamond

Heroes Infinity offers a thrilling and exciting adventure that you won’t want to miss. It offers a diverse range of land from different places and cities so you have plenty of places to explore and conquer.

There are plenty of different creatures that you will encounter in this wonder world of Heroes Infinity. With power ups, tiers, and ranks, there is plenty to keep you entertained and engaged in this action-packed adventure.

There are plenty of weapons and armor to unlock and customize so you can take on tougher challenges. With a variety of gear and abilities to unlock, this is an RPG you won’t want to miss.


In Heroes Infinity, you can play with up to three modes of gameplay. You can play PvP Battles, Daily Challenges, and the Campaign.

The Campaign is a story mode where you take on a different role each day. The PvP mode is a way for players to fight against each other in a tournament-style battle. The Daily Challenges mode is a single-day event that gives players a chance to do loads of different things.

These include playing with a specific hero, playing with a specific type of hero, playing with a specific type of hero as you attempt to complete a specific challenge, and more.

Heroes Infinity Mod Apk


In Heroes Infinity, you can create your own hero. You can decide their name and their gender. You also get to decide what their first skill is, what their second skill is and what their third skill is.

You can also decide their armor and weapons. You can decide how high their tier is and what their rank is. You can even decide what their gear looks like.

You can also create and customize your team of heroes. You can decide what they look like, what their name is and what their stats are. You have the option of deciding whether you want them to have one, two or three skills. You can also choose whether you want them to have a ranged, melee or melee-ranged skill.


There are three classes in Heroes Infinity: Warrior, Mage, and Rogue. Every class has three unique strengths and weaknesses which help tailor your hero to your desired play style.


Stats are a vital part of any game. Knowing what your stats are will help you make better decisions in game. Depending on the game, this can be a difficult task.

In order to make the process easier, it’s helpful to have a tool that can help you do this. One such tool is the game stats for Heroes Infinity. With this tool, you can view your stats for a variety of different stats. This includes your team, your player, your individual combat stats, and more.

Heroes Infinity


When you start a new game, you will receive a rank. The rank is based on how many points you’ve spent on your heroes. The higher your rank, the more items you will be able to find and buy, and the more powerful you will become.

You can gain experience by defeating Bosses, leveling up your heroes and completing quests. To advance to the next rank, you will need to reach a certain level.

Heroes Infinity Level Up


In Heroes Infinity, you fight villains and evil-doers with your own heroic team of heroes. As you progress through the game, you’ll collect new heroes, build your team, and fight your way to victory.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a master at playing the game. Just get started, play well, and you’ll win your battles. If you want to be the best, you can work on your skills and upgrade your heroes. Upgrade your heroes to make them more powerful and earn more gold to get more upgrades.

You can also upgrade your heroes to unlock new tiers with new powers and abilities. You can also upgrade your heroes to unlock new tiers with new powers and abilities.


In Heroes Infinity, you will have the ability to level up your heroes. However, before you can level up, you will need to meet the required level. In order to get to a higher level, you will need to complete the required number of achievements. There are many different achievements, but the more difficult ones may require the most effort.

Some achievements will need you to farm a certain creature or fight a certain boss. If you have the time and patience, you will have no problem completing them. However, there are some achievements that are much easier to complete.

For example, you can get achievements for killing a certain number of creatures or by just completing a certain number of quests. Even if you cannot complete the more difficult achievements, you will still be able to get the achievement for completing the achievement.

Heroes Infinity Mod


As a Hero in Heroes Infinity, you’ll have access to the story-driven Guild mode. In this mode, you’ll have the chance to recruit members to your guild, complete special quests, and take on powerful boss battles. In addition, players can also purchase Guild-exclusive items using in-game currency to give them a competitive edge. You can also form a Guild with friends to battle it out with other players.


Heroes Infinity is a superhero themed game that is popular among the heroes. You can battle villains in a variety of different ways, with many different modes. You can team up with other players in the game to take on missions. The battles can be a lot of fun, and the base of the game is free.

However, there are some things that you can only get with in-game currency. In order to get the in-game currency, you need to spend real money. Fortunately, there is a way for you to get the in-game currency for free. 

Heroes Infinity MOD APK is the most recent release of the game. And it’s free to download. You can have unlimited Money and Diamond with MOD APK.

This MOD APK makes all in-game content accessible to you with no cost. With the MOD APK installed, you can have unlimited Money and Diamond.

You can have all the content without paying any money. This MOD APK is brought to you by the most popular game in the world, Heroes Infinite. With its Mod APK, you can have unlimited Money and Diamond without paying a penny.

Heroes Infinity Apk


Q: What is Heroes Infinity?

Heroes Infinity is a new and innovative tactical action game in which players start as a new hero and rise up through the ranks to become an ultimate hero. The game starts with a tutorial which will teach new players the basics of the game. The tutorial is quick and easy to follow.

Q: What is the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to be the strongest hero and win the game.

Q: What are the ways to get stronger?

There are many ways to get stronger in the game. Players can train to level up, fight in the arena, and complete quests.

Q: How to install the MOD APK?

You have to have an Android device that is running on OS 2.2 or above. Once you have downloaded the MOD APK, you need to go to your phone’s app settings and change the application type to “Unknown Sources.” Then you can install the MOD APK.

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