Hexapolis MOD APK v0.4.6 (Unlimited Money/Battle Pass)
Hexapolis MOD APK v0.4.6 (Unlimited Money/Battle Pass)

Hexapolis MOD APK v0.4.6 (Unlimited Money/Battle Pass)

You can have Unlimited Money, Battle Pass with Hexapolis MOD APK. so you get unlimited Diamonds, Gold, items in the game.

Name Hexapolis: Turn based strategy
Publisher NOXGAMES
Genre Strategy
Size 83.6 MB
Latest Version 0.4.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Battle Pass
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Hexapolis: Turn based strategy is the most famous version in the Hexapolis: Turn based strategy series of publisher NOXGAMES
Mod Version 0.4.6
Total installs n/a

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Paid Battle Pass purchased
  • Unlimited Items

Turn-based strategy games are hugely popular on the iPhone, iPad and Android. And they’re great fun to play on the go. There is a lot of variety out there with strategy games that it can be daunting to decide what turn-based strategy game to play.

The Hexapolis game is a turn-based strategy game with a great aesthetic and a lot of fun to be had. You can build your empire, explore and have fun. With this article, you’ll learn how to play, how to build and how to win.


Hexapolis is a turn-based strategy game from the creators of Civilization. It’s turn-based strategy game with an emphasis on player choice.

Players choose to play as one of six different races and then explore the map, building a civilization from a small village to a powerful kingdom, while battling neighboring tribes. Players can then expand their empire by taking control of more hexes, which can then be used to build new villages, cities, and even monuments.



Hexapolis is a turn-based strategy game. You start in a small village and grow up to be a powerful empire. In each turn, you will be able to do a few things, such as expand map, build building and more.


In the game, you can enjoy the story of building your civilization. You can visit and build your own village. In the game, you can recruit and hire the best warriors from the world to serve your kingdom. You can also expand your empire to grow a powerful kingdom.


In Hexapolis, you create your own village and kingdom. You can expand and gain new hexes on the map. You can build your village, houses, farms, bakery, armor, everything is up to you. You can’t forget to train your warriors, population, farms, research, technology. All can help you with victory and glory. Each turn is full of adventure with new quests and events.

Hexapolis Mod Apk


The game is played in turns, and each turn starts with resource gathering and management, followed by the building of towns, armies, and resources, leading to the conclusion with the attack on an enemy city. It is a game that takes the player through a game of building, managing, and attacking over the course of several turns that has the potential to last a long time.

The hexes bring the game to a new level. The hexes are built by the players with buildings and resources. The player creates his own economy in the game. The player can have their own village with his own buildings, resources, and resources produce. The game is a combination of different genres where players can choose what to do.


You will be divided into two players each controlling one tribe. You will be able to place new hexes on the map, build your village, create a family, train your warriors, win battles, build your tribe, and so on. The game is not limited to infantry, seeing that the players can also build military units such as cavalry, archers, pikemen, and so forth.

Hexapolis Mod


Have you ever wanted to get a game that will make you a hero, but you can’t find the game? Well, you’ve found it. Hexapolis is a fun, strategic game that is easy to learn and offers a lot of replay-ability. Hexapolis, which you can download for free on all the major platforms, is a game in which you must build your village and explore an expansive map.

You get to decide what your village will look like. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. You can make your village a beautiful city, or something resembling a medieval castle. You can even make it as unique as you want. You get to decide what you want your village to do.

You can have a farming village, a research village, an armory, a library, a bakery or even a spa. You can also have a village of warriors. There’s really no limit to the types of things you can have in your village.

Hexapolis About


The Hexapolis Mod Apk is the best mod apk in the world. It has been tested by many and is the best option for you to have unlimited money, unlimited items, and unlimited diamonds. The Hexapolis Mod Apk comes with many cool features like unlimited items and unlimited diamonds. With this mod apk you can have a more comfortable gaming experience.


What is Hexapolis?

Hexapolis is an app that lets you build a medieval village of your own. You can choose your favorite architecture, see what your neighbors are doing, and a whole lot more

What happens when you die?

The game is not over. You have a chance to reincarnate into a new life with a new village and new villagers.

What does Hexapolis mod apk do?

Hexapolis mod apk, is a game where you can have unlimited money, and you can unlock any content you want. You can unlock content by spending Diamonds, Gold, or items. 

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