Hide N Seek! MOD APK v1.9.14 (Unlimited Money/ Free Shopping)
Hide N Seek! MOD APK v1.9.14 (Unlimited Money/ Free Shopping)

Hide N Seek! MOD APK v1.9.14 (Unlimited Money/ Free Shopping)

Hide N Seek Mod Apk, there's an Unlimited Money generator so that you never have to worry about running out of Money again.

Name Hide 'N Seek!
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Genre Action
Size 93.2 MB
Latest Version 1.9.14
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Hide 'N Seek! is the most famous version in the Hide 'N Seek! series of publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Mod Version 1.9.14
Total installs n/a

Are you a fan of hidden objects games? If so, then this “Hide ‘N Seek! Mod Apk” app is just the game for you. Hidden object games are great fun when you’re with a group of friends and you can all be looking for the same thing. But what if you don’t have anyone to play with?

The Hide ‘N Seek! app is an excellent way to pass the time if you’re on your own. You can view pictures of hidden objects in groups or single pictures at a time. There are mini-games to pass the time as well as challenges where you have to find specific objects such as pictures, animals, or letters within a set amount of time. And best of all, there’s an unlimited money generator so that you never have to worry about running out of cash again.

Hide N Seek Tips

How to Play Hide ‘N Seek! Mod Apk

The game is set in a forest and you’ll find yourself hunting for hidden objects like in the original game. But instead of finding items and then trying to find their hiding places, you can just walk around. Once you start looking, everything will be revealed to you thanks to the game’s wide open world.

What’s more, you can change the speed at which the game moves and the camera angle at any time. So, if you get bogged down looking for something and it’s already been found, you can just exit the game and come back to it later. You won’t have to spend ages looking for hidden objects any more!

Hide N Seek Mod Apk

What’s New:

  • New update: Game Update 3.0
  • New game feature: New game mode: Arcade
  • Bug fixes

Hide N Seek Mod

How to Play Hidden Object Games

There are many types of hidden object games and this is one of them. You will findthat the object of the game is to find the hidden object among the pictures, letters, or other graphics. To do this you will have to use your logical skills to discover what the object is and then look for it in the picture or elsewhere in the game. To begin the game you will be presented with a set of clues that will tell you where to go next.

Hide N Seek Mod Apk Download

Learn the Mini Games

The Mini Games are the fun part of the game and the reason why you will keep coming back for more. They are not only addictive but also require your logical and visual thinking skills to get through them. You will find different categories where you can choose from like Match 3, Spot the Differences, etc. The Spot the Differences game is a classic and you will find it in almost all hidden object games. By matching three similar objects you will be rewarded with points.

Hide N Seek Cheats

The Challenges

The Challenges are the way to go if you love to whack your brain. You will find different categories like Match 3, Memory, Suduko, Scramble, Find the Fly, etc. By matching three similar objects and then adding a few more that are different you will be rewarded with points. You can also try different themes like classic, animals, funnature, etc.

Unlimited Money

The game has a lot of hidden objects to find but there’s a catch. Finding them all doesn’t come with a pay-off. After you have found everything there is to find in a particular area of the map, you are given the option to “unlock” the map so that you can go back and look for more items. What’s more, there is no charge for this privilege. You have to pay for the regular version of the game.

Hide N Seek Apk


The Hide ‘N Seek! is a game that will keep you busy for hours on end. The game is fun, addicting, and very challenging. The game is also very inexpensive to play thanks to the free updates that will come out with each new release.

If you like hidden objects games, you will love this game. It’s different from the others because it’s not only about looking for things that are hidden, but it’s about finding them in groups. There are many different modes to choose from so you can tailor the game to your preferences. The Hide ‘N Seek also has challenges and money to spend, so there’s never been a shortage of hidden objects to find.

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