Homescapes Mod APK 5.7.3 (Unlimited Stars/Coins)
Homescapes Mod APK 5.7.3 (Unlimited Stars/Coins)

Homescapes Mod APK 5.7.3 (Unlimited Stars/Coins)

Homescapes Mod APK is the best way to earn Unlimited Stars and Coins. You can pass the difficult sections more easily.

Name Homescapes
Publisher Playrix
Category Casual
Size 145.1 MB
Latest Version 5.7.3
MOD Info Unlimited Stars/Coins
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Homescapes is the most famous version in the Homescapes series of publisher Playrix
Mod Version 5.7.3

  • Unlimited Stars (does not decrease when spent)

With a wide selection of exciting and challenging match-3 levels, you can help the beautiful and determined family in this charming story to successfully renovate and decorate their home. From the moment you start, you’ll get hooked on becoming part of this family story and will finish renovating the entire mansion in no time.


Homescapes is a fun match-3 game where you create your very own home. As you play, you will unlock new rooms to renovate, furniture to buy, and new story chapters to play. This game has a lot of family-friendly content, but the one thing it does not have is a “match-3 tutorial.” This can be frustrating for new players and experienced players alike. However, there are a few steps that you can take to help you overcome that and help you get the most out of this game.



Homescapes Mod Apk is one of the most popular games for Android. It is also one of the most difficult games to pass because of its complexity. The best way to pass the difficult sections is to use the Homescapes Mod Apk. It is one of the most popular mods for the game and the best one to use for beginners. The Homescapes Mod Apk has many features that make it easier to pass the game. These features include unlimited stars and coins, obstacles in the game that are easier to pass, and new objects to help you advance through the game.

Homescapes Mod


When you’re playing this game, you’ll have to think outside the box to decorate your room. You’ll have to take an old, boring room and turn it into something exciting and modern. The game is pretty straightforward, but there are two challenges that might stump you. One is the challenge of decorating your room with the least number of moves. The other is the challenge of decorating your room with the least amount of money. That is, you’ll need to decorate your room without spending money on new decorations. The first challenge is pretty easy. Just make sure you don’t take too long in putting the decorations in, or you’ll run out of time and be back to square one. The second challenge can be a little trickier. You’ll need to think about what decorations you have in your inventory and what you can buy for the least amount of money. This should be a fun challenge!

Homescapes 1


In every episode of Homescapes, you play a role in the story and have to renovate a room in the mansion. The more rooms you renovate, the more chapters you unlock. You will also be able to unlock new items, furniture, or decorations for the mansion. As the game progresses, you will be able to unlock new levels and new rooms in the mansion.


Pass each level by finding the right items in the right locations. Match the right color items and create a match-3 chain to get the items you need to pass the level. With three gameplay modes to choose from, you can improve your skills and explore the mansion with different levels of difficulty.

Homescapes 5


To unlock more rooms, you need to complete the rooms that are currently available. The rooms are broken down into chapters, and each chapter has a certain number of levels. For example, chapter one has five levels, and chapter two has seven levels. When you complete a room, you unlock the next chapter. If you want to see the complete list of all the levels and chapters, you can find that on the home screen. To complete the levels and unlock new rooms, you need to beat the levels. The levels are beatable by getting the minimum number of moves, which is shown next to the level on the bottom left of the screen. If you want to see what the moves are, you can tap on the level and it will show you the number of moves it takes to complete the level. For example, level 1 has three moves, level 2 has five moves, and level 3 has six moves to beat.

Homescapes 4


There are many unique boosters in the game that can help you beat levels. Out of all of the unique boosters, there are a few that are particularly helpful. The first is the “magnetic booster.” This booster helps you place your pieces on a higher level in the game. It also helps you get around, so you can get all of your pieces to the top. The second is the “golden booster.” This booster gives you double the amount of pieces, so you can get your game going. The third is the “falcon booster.” This booster helps you get to the top of the board. There are many other unique boosters that can help you beat levels, so be sure that you use them when you are playing!

Homescapes 3


To unlock the next chapter, you’ll have to beat a colorful match-3 level. You’ll keep playing until you’ve unlocked the final chapter. You’ll also earn trophies and achievements when you complete certain tasks, such as renovating the garage or decorating the orangery. When you play this game, you’ll make choices about what you want to do with the design of the mansion. If you want to save, you’ll have to beat a level.

Homescapes 2


Q: What is Homescapes?

Match colored tiles to build beautiful mosaics and renovate the mansion by renovating the rooms. You can unlock new rooms, new levels, and new puzzles as you progress through the story.

Q: What is the goal of the game?

Your goal is to renovate the mansion and make it a beautiful, comfortable home for the family.

Q: What are the game rules?

There are three game modes to choose from: Regular, Time Attack and Fever. In Regular mode, you have to complete a room renovation in a certain number of moves. In Time Attack, you have to complete a renovation in a certain number of moves within a time limit. In Fever, you have a chance to get more moves per move.

Q: What is the Homescapes Mod APK?

The Homescapes Mod APK is a modded version of the game that allows you to earn unlimited coins and stars.

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