Download: Idle Industries v1.3.5 MOD APK (Free Reward)
Download: Idle Industries v1.3.5 MOD APK (Free Reward)

Download: Idle Industries v1.3.5 MOD APK (Free Reward)

You can get Free Rewards with Idle Industries MOD APK. This, you will be able to grow your factory quickly.

Name Idle Industries
Publisher Tapinator Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 74 MB
Latest Version 1.3.5
MOD Info Free Reward
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Idle Industries is the most famous version in the Idle Industries series of publisher Tapinator Inc.
Mod Version 1.3.5

Idle Industries is the perfect place for any player looking to become the next big business mogul. This company is the ultimate in player-operated businesses, allowing you to build and manage a global powerhouse, overseeing a network of mines, refineries, and factories, that turn raw materials into must-have products. Upgrade your facilities, and extend your reach across the globe in this exciting tycoon game.

Idle Industries
Idle Industries 1


Idle Industries is not just about building a business empire and amassing incredible wealth. It’s about building a business empire that will last for generations. Idle Industries is a game that affords you the chance to build a business empire and create a legacy. You start off with a small mine and a small refinery, but as your business empire grows, you’re able to upgrade your facilities and expand your network. The ultimate goal is to turn raw materials into must-have products. The game is a simulation of a global business empire you build with your own hands.


You’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that your business is running smoothly. You’ll need to hire the right people and keep them satisfied. If you want to run a successful business, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right people manning your mines, refineries, and factories. To get them in the right place, you’ll need to make sure that your facilities are up to snuff. You’ll need to consider the needs of your employees and ensure that they are happy with the work they’re doing. It’s important to manage your employees well and give them a sense of purpose so that their work is well-done.


In order to keep your empire running smoothly, it is important to be able to keep your empire from crumbling. To make sure you can do this, you should plan ahead. For example, when you build a mine, make sure that the water source is nearby so that the mine doesn’t run out. You should also build a refinery without any nearby water source in case you need it. Make sure that you can control the water and air so that the factory doesn’t become too polluted. Make sure that your mine and refinery have plenty of room to grow.

Idle Industries 2
Idle Industries 3


There are two different types of buildings that you will need for your factory: the Headquarters and the Warehouses. Headquarters is the main building that contains the main floor and the second floor. Warehouses are designed for storage and the factories are designed for production. In Idle Industries, the player is required to upgrade their facilities and extend their factory. By upgrading the facilities and extending their factory, the player is able to produce more goods.


Idle Industries is the ultimate game for anyone who dreams of becoming a successful business mogul. Take the reins of a flourishing empire, where you oversee a global powerhouse you built with your own hands. Upgrade your facilities and extend your empire to create a world where there is always enough raw materials to go around, but never enough to keep your customers satisfied. You’ll need to get creative and think outside the box if you want to make your empire a success.


With the game, you can create and grow a global empire, turning raw materials into must-have products. Take your company to the next level by upgrading your facilities, while also extending your reach to the world. Idle Industries is a fun and engaging game that will keep you coming back for more.


Idle Industries Mod Apk is a company that helps you build your own factory. It’s a simple game that helps you grow your factory. Idle Industries MOD APK is a mod for Idle Industries where you can get more items without spending more money. It’s a mod for Idle Industries where you can get more items without spending more money.

Idle Industries 4
Idle Industries 5

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How do I start building my empire?

Start by purchasing a mine and then expand your operation to include refineries and factories. Use the resources from your mines to create products, which can then be sold for profit.

How do I upgrade my facilities?

As you earn more profits, you will have the option to upgrade your facilities to improve efficiency and increase production.

Can I expand my operation to new territories?

Yes, as you become more successful, you can extend your reach to different regions of the world and tap into new resources. Keep an eye out for opportunities to purchase mines in these areas.

Can I play with friends?

At this time, Idle Industries is a single player game. However, you can connect with and compete against other players through leaderboards and achievements.

How does the Idle Industries Mod Apk work?

The Idle Industries Mod Apk gives you access to more items without having to spend additional money in the game.

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