JUMPUTI HEROES MOD APK v7.0.1 (Weak Enemy/Instant Win)
JUMPUTI HEROES MOD APK v7.0.1 (Weak Enemy/Instant Win)

JUMPUTI HEROES MOD APK v7.0.1 (Weak Enemy/Instant Win)

With JUMPUTI HEROES MOD APK you get Weak Enemy and Instant Win. This mod is a must for a more comfortable gaming experience.

Publisher LINE Corporation
Category Puzzle
Size 99 MB
Latest Version 7.0.1
MOD Info Weak Enemy, Instant Win
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JUMPUTI HEROES is the most famous version in the JUMPUTI HEROES series of publisher LINE Corporation
Mod Version 7.0.1

This is a world where the JUMP characters live peacefully on JUMP Island. One day, under the influence of the “Demon King’s Power” that regenerates every 50 years, the evil hearts of the characters begin to gradually awaken. In order to defeat the evil heart and return the characters to their origin, 5 incredibly talented heroes from the JUMP franchise must become the 8 heroes of legend and challenge the “Demon King” (the “Devil King” in the Japanese version) with their own power.



The game starts as you enter the world of JUMP, you will be able to select one of the six heroes. As you level up and complete quests, you will be able to choose one of the six heroes. After completing the quests and leveling up, you will be able to give a gift to your friends to raise their characters.


The characters in the game are the legendary heroes, you can collect them by strategy, and use them to defeat the enemy.


In JUMPUTI HEROES, you can create teams to fight with up to 4 players. You can also create teams from your friends by connecting to Facebook or by searching for players with the same ID. JUMPUTI HEROES is a team game with a focus on strategy. It is recommended for players who like to enjoy the game with a clear head and in silence.



The battle system of the game is the most important part. The player will take the role of a hero, and the enemy will take the role of an enemy, and the game will be coded in a way that the player will never know who the enemy is. The player will know that they need to defeat the enemies but they will never know who the enemies are. The enemies in the game will be the enemies in the game, but the heroes are not. There will be two enemies on the map. The player will take the role of a hero and complete their mission. They will have to take care of the enemies and the enemies will have to complete their mission. If the player defeats the enemies, they can go to the next level. If the enemy defeats the player, the player will lose.


The world has been invaded by the enemy and needs your help! Increase your score by clicking the chain reaction! Clicking on the chain reaction will increase the score. The chain reaction will automatically start when the chain reaction reaches a certain number. When the chain reaction starts, the number of chain reactions will increase. Clicking the chain reaction will release more nirvana. More nirvana means more lives. Every time you release nirvana, you will revive and the chain reaction will start again. The more nirvana you have, the more lives you have. Earn nirvana to summon Legendary Heroes in the game!


With JUMPUTI HEROES Mod Apk you get Weak Enemy and Instant Win. This mod is a must for a more comfortable gaming experience. This mod is meant for players to enjoy the gaming experience and to make it more comfortable for them. This mod is compatible with all devices, like smartphones, tablets, and all Android devices. JUMPUTI HEROES is a game that empowers players so they can build their own levels and challenge their friends. With this mod, players can get a Weak Enemy, which makes the game more easy. Also, players can get an Instant Win, which makes the game more fun and exciting.



Collect legendary heroes. They help you win the game and also support your friends in the game.


How do I play as my favorite character?

By completing missions and battles, you can collect character cards which will allow you to use that character in battle. 

Can I team up with my friends to defeat the Demon King?

Yes! You can form a party with up to four players to take on the toughest challenges. 

Are there any in-game events or updates planned? 

Yes, new events and updates are released regularly to keep the game exciting and fresh for players.

How do I install the mod?

Download the mod from a reliable source, that is, scanned with a virus program and uploaded to our site.

Will using this mod affect my progress in the game?

No, your game progress will not be affected as this mod only provides extra features like Weak Enemy and Instant Win.

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