Legend of the Phoenix MOD APK v2.5.7 (Unlimited Ingots)
Legend of the Phoenix MOD APK v2.5.7 (Unlimited Ingots)

Legend of the Phoenix MOD APK v2.5.7 (Unlimited Ingots)

You can get Unlimited ingots with Legend of the Phoenix Mod APK. so you get a more comfortable gaming experience.

Name Legend of the Phoenix
Publisher Modo Global
Category Role Playing
Size 44.2 MB
Latest Version 2.5.7
MOD Info Unlimited Ingots
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Legend of the Phoenix is the most famous version in the Legend of the Phoenix series of publisher Modo Global
Mod Version 2.5.7

Legend of the Phoenix is an otome dress up mobile game which is focused on ancient Chinese love stories. The game is set on a journey and with every choice that you made at the fork road, there will be ups and downs. You get to choose your own love story in the game which will have different endings depending on what choices you make. The game tells stories of the ancient Chinese love and Legend of the Phoenix is not just a game, it also a mobile app. The game emphasizes relationships between the player and the love interest and will make you feel the different emotions.

Legend Of The Phoenix 1


In the game, you don’t have to answer the question truthfully. You can make choices that will affect the story and your future. You can also choose not to answer the question and make your own path.


At the beginning of the game, the main protagonist has to choose a path that determines whether she will get the love of her life or a difficult life. If you pick the first path, you will get to meet a prince, but if you choose the second path, you will get to meet a princess. If you pick the first path, you will get to get married with the prince later. If you pick the second path, you will wake up to find that you have been dreaming and you didn’t choose the first path. The game has a lot of choices in it so it’s easy to get lost in the game. The game has a lot of romance options, but not many of the romance options are canon.

Legend Of The Phoenix


Whether you are choosing the love route or the friendship route, you can decide how your story will turn out. In this game, you are the main character and you will be able to choose your own story. While playing the game, you can create your own story by yourself. You can also choose to follow a pre-determined story or you can choose to create your own story.

Legend Of The Phoenix 3


There are 6 main love interests in the game: the emperor, the little prince, the prince of the mountain, the scholar, the river goddess, and the mountain king. However, the game is not just focused on these 6 love interests. There are also a few side characters that you can get to know, including the turtle hermit, the fox spirit, the immortal, the old lady, and the malevolent old man.

Legend Of The Phoenix 5


There are three main characters in Legend of the Phoenix: Miss Phoenix, Miss Lotus and Miss Blossom. Miss Phoenix is the protagonist of the game, and she will get to travel through different worlds and meet different girls. Miss Lotus and Miss Blossom are the main love interests of the game.

Legend Of The Phoenix 4


If you are looking for a Legend of the Phoenix mod apk, then you’ve come to the right place! There is a Legend of the Phoenix Mod APK that will give you unlimited ingots! The Legend of the Phoenix Mod APK is a mod that you can use to give your game a more comfortable gaming experience. This Legend of the Phoenix Mod APK is available for Android, and it is easy to install and use. There are no risks involved with downloading and using this Legend of the Phoenix Mod APK.

Legend Of The Phoenix 2


Q: What is the average playtime of Legend of the Phoenix?

Legend of the Phoenix is a Chinese-themed otome game, so the average playtime will vary depending on how you play it. There is an option to make a speed run, which will take around 2 hours. If you choose to play it slowly and enjoy the story, you can expect to spend around 10 hours. 

Q: What other features does the game offer? 

Legend of the Phoenix offers a collectible card game, an RPG mode, a speed run mode, and a free-to-play mode.

Q: What are the differences between the free-to-play and paid-for game modes?

The free-to-play mode offers a limited number of choices and the option to unlock additional choices with in-game currency. The paid-for game mode offers all the choices from the free-to-play mode, but also includes a variety of additional features. For example, the speed run mode.

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