Modern Ops – Online FPS Apk Mod v8.14 (God Mode)
Modern Ops – Online FPS Apk Mod v8.14 (God Mode)

Modern Ops – Online FPS Apk Mod v8.14 (God Mode)

Activate god mode with Modern Ops – Online FPS apk mod. Try anything you want like Walk, No Return, Faster Fire, No Recoil!

Name Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games
Publisher Edkon Games GmbH
Category Action
Size 571.7 MB
Latest Version 8.14
MOD Info God Mode
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Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games is the most famous version in the Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games series of publisher Edkon Games GmbH
Mod Version 8.14
Total installs n/a

  • Walk Mod
  • No Return Mod
  • Faster Fire Rate Mod
  • No Recoil Mod
  • Bullet Storm Mod
  • Glory Killers (Optional)

If you’ve played the latest hit game, Modern Ops, you might not be aware that there is an apk mod for it. You see, the game isn’t just about shooting people; it’s also a strategy game where you have to outmaneuver your opponents and take cover in every moment of the battle. The mods are what makes this game so unique and addictive.

You can now make the game more challenging by downloading apk mods or tweaking existing ones. For example, if you want a harder challenge, try playing with no return or faster fire rate mods. If you want to get rid of them completely and make sure no one has access to them again, download no return as well as walk mod together for nothing else than removing any trace of either from Modern Ops.

Modern Ops – Online FPS Tips

Walk Mod

Walk Mod is an apk mod that makes it possible to walk in Modern Ops. This means that you can hop from one cover spot to another. Since this game is all about retreating and taking cover, it is a nice feature. Now, your opponent will always have the upper hand since you won’t be able to move the way he does.

But, the best part about it is that you won’t be detected. If you’ve played any online shooting game before, you would know that you have to walk to be fully detected and attacked. In multiplayer games, you can’t walk openly and survive. You must hop from cover to cover while staying out of sight. Walk mod in Modern Ops allows you to do just that.

Modern Ops – Online FPS Mod Apk

No Return Mod

No Return Mod is a cool apk mod for Modern Ops that will change the entire game. You see, players normally want to return to the starting point after a battle. The battle has ended, they have lost, and they want to get back to their cover point and start the next battle.

This is where the No Return mod comes in. With this mod, you can walk infinitely without getting detected. No matter how many enemies you’ve killed, you will keep walking back until you spawn in the starting point. This is cool because it gives you infinite ammo, infinite health, and infinite time to plan your next move. With infinite supplies and no timer, you can fully ambush the other team.

Modern Ops – Online FPS Apk

Faster Fire Rate Mod

Ever wanted to play Modern Ops with a faster fire rate? If yes, then you’re in luck because there is a mod for that. The faster fire rate mod in Modern Ops will let you fire at a faster rate. This is cool because with a faster fire rate, you can kill the other team faster and get to the next cover point before they get back to safety.

This mod will make the game more challenging as you will have to kill the other team even faster than before. This is definitely a challenge that anyone who loves a good challenge will enjoy.

Modern Ops – Online FPS God Mode

No Recoil Mod

A final cool mod for Modern Ops is the no recoil mod. Why would you want to turn off recoil? Well, recoil is a feature that helps in firing at a downward angle from a higher position. With no recoil, you will be able to fire at a more downward angle.

This means that you will have to climb higher to get to your next cover point and it will be more difficult. This will force players to discover new routes and not use the same routes over and over again. This is a nice touch that makes the game more realistic and less predictable.

Modern Ops – Online FPS Latest Apk

Bullet Storm Mod

Finally, we have the bullet storm mod in Modern Ops. Why would you want to turn on this mod? It is because the bullet storm will let you fire a total of 99999 bullets in one battle. If 99999 is too high a number for you, you can turn this mod off and enjoy a normal battle.

This is a cool feature that will make you feel invincible. You will be able to fire at your targets for a long time before you run out of ammunition. This is a nice feature for anyone who loves shooting games.

Modern Ops – Online FPS

Glory Killers (Optional)

If you are looking for a challenge, then you can try glory killers in Modern Ops. They will make all the kills in a single battle count as glory kills. What does this mean for you? It means that you will have to get them all in a single battle. This will be more challenging and you will have to use all your skills to get all of them.

The only way to do this is by going solo. Glory killers, while they might sound like they are to encourage teamwork, are actually a great challenge on their own. They are optional and there might be better mods out there that you could use instead. You can also try a Modern Ops walkthrough if you get stuck. These guides would help you with every aspect of the game.

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