Modern Warships Mod APK v0.60.0.7261400 (Unlimited Money/Gold)
Modern Warships Mod APK v0.60.0.7261400 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Modern Warships Mod APK v0.60.0.7261400 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Modern Warships Mod APK is a popular modded version of the game that offers Unlimited Money and Gold.

Publisher Artstorm FZE
Category Action
Size 923.4 MB
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Gold
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MODERN WARSHIPS is the most famous version in the MODERN WARSHIPS series of publisher Artstorm FZE
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  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
Note: If stuck at loading screen use apk to get through (Requires rooted device)

Warships is a game that captures your imagination from the moment you first lay eyes on it. From the massive battles fought across vast oceans to the claustrophobic, insular environments of the modern day, warships offer a world-class experience tailored to your own preferences.

While many will focus on long-range naval warfare, there is also a world of fast-paced, surface combat naval strategy available. It’s a beautiful, intricate and sometimes terrifyingly realistic game where luck and skill play an important part in determining who comes out on top.

Thankfully, this version of warship naval warfare is here to stay. The popularity of modern warships has elevated them from toys for children to highly realistic simulations that require more than just common sense to master. So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore everything you need to know about playing this dynamic ship combat game now!

Modern Warships Mod

What is Warships?

Warships is a historical naval combat game developed by Freeplay Studio, based in Hamburg, Germany. The game is set in World War I, and is inspired by the historical navies of France, the UK and the United States. The game features a mix of dynamic water and land combat that results in lifelike results. The game is currently scheduled for release on May 25, 2019, for Microsoft Windows and SteamOS, with a PlayStation 4 port due out later in the year.

Modern Warships Mod APK Tips

Modern Warships Mod APK – Unlimited Money/Gold

Modern Warships is a popular mobile game that allows players to experience the thrill of naval combat. The game features a variety of different ships and submarines, as well as a wide range of environments, from calm seas to raging storms. Modern Warships also offers a variety of game modes, including singleplayer and multiplayer options.

In addition, the game regularly releases new content, such as new maps and ship types. Modern Warships Mod APK is a popular modded version of the game that offers Unlimited Money and Gold. This modded version allows players to enjoy the full experience of the game without having to worry about spending real money.

In addition, Modern Warships Mod APK also includes a number of other features, such as the ability to purchase premium ships and submarines. Modern Warships Mod APK is an essential download for any fan of the Modern Warships franchise.

Modern Warships Mod APK

The game features a large variety of ships to command, ranging from cruisers to aircraft carriers, and each ship has its own unique capabilities. The goal of the game is to complete missions by destroying enemy ships and bases. Modern Warships is free to play, but offers in-app purchases for things like additional ship types and upgrades.

The Mod APK version of the game gives you unlimited money and gold, making it easier to purchase everything you need to succeed. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore strategist, Modern Warships is sure to provide hours of fun. Give it a try today!

Battleship Gameplay and Features to Enjoy

The game’s combat is based on a mixture of real-world naval theory, in-game naval design and well-established computer game technologies. The result is a fully-featured naval combat game with advanced AI, fluid physics, and a diverse range of ship classes and mission types. The game allows players to wage war on a wide range of historical enemies, including Germany and Austria-Hungary.

What’s in the Box?

At its heart, Warships is a game about managing your fleet of warships through large-scale naval battles. The core of the game is a large, three-dimensional map depicting the world’s seas. Each map block includes land and sea areas, rivers, islands, airfields, and other features relevant to the battle. Ranging from minor to major, these features affect the course of the battle, as well as the outcome of the war.

Modern Warships Mod APK Features

How to Play Warships

The game’s robust and diverse AI, coupled with the use of advanced weaponry and damage model, results in a challenging and realistic naval combat experience. The various techniques and tools available in-game allow for creative and detailed battles, from pre-battle planning and tactics to detailed ship damage models.

The Best Modern Warships Gameplay and Features

  • Realistic, detailed combat
  • Dynamic weather and lighting effects
  • extremely high resolution textures
  • state of the art navigation system
  • in-depth ship damage model
  • thousands of available ships and sub-units
  • diverse mission types
  • authentic voice-over
  • modern, immersive music
  • stunning visuals
Modern Warships APK


Which warships should I select for my fleet?

The key to success in battleships is the right choice of ships. The British and US designs were both strong in their day, but the British design saw greater action during World War II due to the availability of new ships and the end of the war.

What is the damage model for warships?

The damage model for warships is based on the theory of ship stability. A warship that is damaged in a battle will list (or list heavily) to one side or the other. The extent of the list is affected by the weight of the ship and the angle of attack at which the damage is inflicted.

What are the differences between the Atlantic and Pacific versions of the game?

The Atlantic version of the game features a British-Australian fleet while the Pacific version features a Japanese-American fleet. This is because the Pacific war was fought on a much smaller scale, with a much less complex combat ecosystem.

Which countries used which warships?

The United States and Great Britain are the two countries that used the largest number of battleships.

What were the most famous naval battles in history?

The Navy vs. Marine Corps conflict of WWII was a real-life naval battle that took place in the Pacific Ocean. The Battle of Surigao Strait took place in 1905 in the Philippine Islands. Finally, the Battle of Trafalgar took place in 1805 in the Mediterranean Sea between a French fleet and an English fleet that had come to assist in the Battle of the Nile.


At its core, Warships is a grand strategy game. Each map is a beautiful, large-scale canvas that reflects the combat potential of the region it portrays. While there are many strategy games that focus on single-player campaigns, most games with naval combat also support multiplayer (up to 100 players on the same computer). In this version of the game, that support is both expansive and diverse. With more than a decade of experience under its belt, the developers at Freeplay are more than ready to take on the challenging task of updating Warships for the modern age.

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