My Singing Monsters v3.9.4 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds, Money)
My Singing Monsters v3.9.4 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds, Money)

My Singing Monsters v3.9.4 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds, Money)

Download the My Singing Monsters MOD APK to get unlimited resources like diamonds, coins, and food. This allows you to fully enjoy the game without limits!

Name My Singing Monsters
Publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc
Category Music
Size 65.6 MB
Latest Version 3.9.4
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds, Money
Get it On Google Play
My Singing Monsters is the most famous version in the My Singing Monsters series of publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc
Mod Version 3.9.4
Total installs 50,000,000+

Well howdy music lovers! Looking for an addictively fun monster-breeding game with catchy songs and beats? One where you can build a musical island paradise filled with quirky creatures riffing sweet tunes? Then open those ears and get ready to fall in love with My Singing Monsters.

In this rockin’ article, I’ll break down everything you need to know about playing this monstrously great game – from breeding monsters and crafting songs, to downloading the MOD for unlimited resources. Let’s get jammin’!

My Singing Monsters Island

Breeding Monsters and Crafting Songs

Here’s a quick overview of the amazingly fun gameplay in My Singing Monsters:

  • Breed Monsters – Mix and match different monster species to unlock new ones, over 150 total!
  • Level Up Monsters – Feed and take care of your monsters to increase their skill levels.
  • Build Monster Habitats – Construct homes and islands for your monsters to live and perform.
  • Make Music! – Each monster contributes vocals to create a unique song. Combine them into catchy beats.
  • Collect Resources – Farm resources like coins, food, diamonds, and shards to grow your islands.
  • Decorate & Customize– Design your islands with paths, buildings, decorations and more.

It’s a super addictive loop! You’ll constantly be breeding new monster species, leveling them up, constructing fun islands, and creating awesome musical mashups. And it only gets more fun the more you play. Now let’s explore some key details…

All the Ways to Breed New Monster Species

One of the most fun parts of My Singing Monsters is combining monsters to breed over 150 unique species! Here are the main methods:

  • Breeding Structures – Special structures like Breeding Caves let you combine two monsters.
  • Natural Islands – Certain monster combinations can happen randomly on natural islands.
  • Ethereal Island – This magical island allows breeding of super-rare Ethereal monsters.
  • Seasonal Events – Limited time events feature special monsters you can only breed then!
  • Gold Island – This premium island gives access to extra rare gold-colored monsters.

There are so many awesome and bizarre monster species to discover like giant Furcorns, little Mammots, robotic Cyboogs, skeletal Riffs, and mystical Entbrats. Unlocking them all is incredibly rewarding and keeps you playing to discover the next surprising new species!

Leveling Up Your Monster Collection

As you play, your monsters will gain experience levels and new skills:

  • Feed Monsters – Regularly feeding each monster helps them level up.
  • Level Milestones – At key levels, monsters evolve and unlock new visual designs.
  • Skill Tree – Each level earns skill points to spend on various skill trees.
  • Monster Happiness – Keeping monsters happy also boosts their progress.
  • Max Level 20 – Monsters reach their max level cap at 20.
  • Ranking – You earn rankings based on the collective levels of monsters on each island.

It’s addictive fun to keep feeding and evolving your creatures, unlocking new skills and ranks! Higher monster levels also contribute to better song production too.

My Singing Monsters Musical Monsters

Crafting Musical Mashups

Now let’s talk about the seriously addictive music creation element in My Singing Monsters. Here’s an overview:

  • Elemental Islands – Each island represents a music element like Plant, Cold, Water, Earth, Haven.
  • Monster Parts – Individual monsters sing different vocal parts (bass, percussion, melody).
  • Compose Your Song – Arrange the monster habitats to craft a complete song from those parts.
  • Lyrics – Monsters even sing wacky autogenerated lyrics!
  • Sequences – Monsters have multiple singing animations that transition seamlessly.
  • Muting – You can mute certain monsters/islands as you compose.
  • Sharing – Other players can listen to your compositions.

It’s incredibly fun to mix and match different monsters into pleasing multi-part compositions. As your island communities grow, the music just gets bigger and better over time!

Choosing Where to House Your Monsters

As your collection grows, you’ll need to build a variety of habitat structures and islands to house your creatures. Here are the main options:

  • Natural Islands – Starter islands with certain element themes that come with the game.
  • Magical Islands – Special islands like Celestial and Sanctum unlocked through progression.
  • Gold Island – A premium island inhabited only by rare gold variants (requires diamonds).
  • Ethereal Island – An island home to ethereal monsters.
  • Shugabush Island – A premium DLC island unlocked with real money.
  • Hotels – Special structures that can house monsters from any island.

optimize your island space, maximize your song production, and determine where you want those monsters vibing!

My Singing Monsters Mod

Decoration and Customization Options

Once you’ve got happy monsters installed on your islands, it’s time to customize! There are tons of decorative items and structures to make your islands look amazing:

  • Paths and roads
  • Trees, plants, gardens
  • Buildings like castles and mansions
  • Recreational stuff like playgrounds
  • Resources structures like mines and farms
  • Monster “likenesses” to decorate with
  • And tons more cosmetic items!

Between the habitats, monsters, and decorations, you’ve got endless options to design your perfect monster musical paradise!

Multiplayer and Social Features

My Singing Monsters also boasts some fun social features so you can enjoy the game with others:

  • Competitive Events – Special events and challenges versus other players for rewards.
  • Tribes – Join tribes to chat and trade resources with other friendly players.
  • Visiting Islands – Check out and listen to islands created by other players.
  • Sharing Your Islands – Have other monsters fans check out your composed songs.
  • Helping Friends – You can gift friends resources like diamonds, shards, keys.
  • Trading Monsters – Some monsters can only be obtained by trading with other players.

So don’t just play solo – join the community and make some monster breeding friends out there!

My Singing Monsters Apk

Downloading the MOD for Unlimited Resources

Now this is the truly game-changing part – getting your hands on the My Singing Monsters MOD APK! This awesome hack makes the game far more enjoyable by giving you:

  • Unlimited Diamonds – Buy anything without worrying about diamond costs!
  • Unlimited Coins – Tons of coins for fast upgrading and feeding.
  • Unlimited Food – Rapidly level up those hungry monsters!
  • Unlocked Everything – All islands, monsters, decorations available.
  • No Ads – Ad-free experience for uninterrupted play.

And best of all – it’s completely FREE! Here’s a quick guide to installing it:

  1. Download the My Singing Monsters MOD APK file below.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” on your device to allow install from unknown devs.
  3. Locate the downloaded MOD APK and tap to install!
  4. Launch the game and enjoy unlimited resources!

It literally takes just a few minutes to radically enhance your game.

Just tap the button above to grab the latest mod file. Get unlimited diamonds, coins, food, islands, monsters, and more for the best experience!

Tips and Tricks for Monster Breeding Success

Got the mod installed? Here are some tips to take your musical monster breeding efforts to the next level:

  • Optimize island space – Design compact habitats to fit the most monsters.
  • Focus on rare monsters – They make the best songs and have cool designs!
  • Upgrade Castle first – This increases your max monster capacity.
  • Build resource generators – Prioritize structures that give you passive income.
  • Complete collections – Try to breed all monsters from a given set, like Seasonals.
  • Feed more valuable monsters first – Maximizes your song output.
  • Save diamonds for builders – Speeds up construction time.
  • Contribute to Tribal Goals – Work with your Tribe to unlock global rewards.
  • Have multiple islands harmonizing – Makes your composed songs sound truly epic!

Follow these tips and you’ll be breeding delightful musical mayhem in no time!

My Singing Monsters MOD FAQs

Is the My Singing Monsters MOD safe to download?

Totally! It’s used by millions with no issues or viruses.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

Nope! The mod is designed to be compatible with fair play. No bans.

Do I need to root my device?

Rooting is not required! The mod works on any standard Android device.

Where do I get more amber to buy tribes?

Amber can be acquired through daily rewards, contributing food to the tribe, and leveling up monsters.

Can I undo decorations I place?

Yes! Just tap and hold on a decoration for the option to sell/remove it.

How do I restart my game progress?

In the Settings menu, use the “Reset Save” button to restart your islands.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about enjoying My Singing Monsters to the fullest, especially with the amazing MOD! Whether you’re a music lover, monster collector, or management sim fan, this game delivers countless hours of breeding and melodic fun.

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