Office Fever MOD APK v6.0.3 (Unlimited Money/Ad-Free Rewards)
Office Fever MOD APK v6.0.3 (Unlimited Money/Ad-Free Rewards)

Office Fever MOD APK v6.0.3 (Unlimited Money/Ad-Free Rewards)

Office Fever MOD APK gives You Unlimited Money and Rewards without Viewing Ads. In this way, you can enlarge your office very quickly.

Name Office Fever
Publisher Rollic Games
Genre Simulation
Size 79.7 MB
Latest Version 6.0.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Ad-Free Rewards
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Office Fever is the most famous version in the Office Fever series of publisher Rollic Games
Mod Version 6.0.3

  • Unlimited Money
  • Remove ADS

Idle games are popular in these days. Now, you can be one of the business tycoons in this fun idle game and manage your business in the process. Take documents to your employees and tell them how much money to collect. As you complete tasks and collect money, you will grow your business!

Office Fever Apk


This game, Office Fever, is a start-up company that allows you to employ workers and build your business empire. Your goal is to turn your company into a cash empire. In order to do this, you will start by taking business paper work to your employees and collect the cash as they finish the tasks. As you can see, this game is all about the money. There is no time or effort in this game. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time on it.


Building up a business can be a lot of fun and that is exactly what this game is about. You start with a small business consisting of a few employees and you get to expand your business as you become more successful. As you reach levels in the game, you will see that you are able to take on more and more business. Your business will grow and grow, until you are able to employ more people and make even more money. This is a fun game that is a great way to manage your time and build up your business.

Office Fever 1
Office Fever


In this idle game, you will start by hiring employees to process business papers and collect the cash that you earn. You will have to manage your employees by setting their work schedules and their pay. You will have to keep your employees happy in order to keep them motivated. It takes time to build up your company and create a business empire from the ground up. In order to do this, you will have to be patient. You will have to play this game for hours on end in order to build up your company. As a start-up company, the cash flow is vital to your success. It will not only help you to make your business grow, but it will also keep you in the green. However, you might not know how to start collecting cash from your workers in the most efficient way. To help you out, you should hire employees and make sure that you pay them as soon as they finish the job. By doing this, you will have more time to focus on the tasks that need to be done and have the money coming in to keep your business growing. Building up your company is not easy, but it is fun.

Office Fever 2
Office Fever 3


When you start up a new business, it’s important that you’re constantly looking for new ways to grow your business. One way to do that is to employ workers and have them process documents. In this Office Fever game, you will have to hire new employees, give them documents to process, and collect the cash. The game is designed to be easy to understand, which makes it great for the whole family to play. You can start by trying to collect money, and then you can upgrade to new office spaces, hire new employees and upgraded equipment, and then upgrade the documents they process. As you play, you’ll be able to see just how big your business will be.


Get to upgrade your office and acquire new employees. You start by taking business paper work to your employees and collect money as they finish the tasks. In the office, you can upgrade your office, upgrade your employees, and even get new employees. You can play with friends or the AI, and you can buy new items like the office chair and the snazzy new desk.

Office Fever 4
Office Fever 5


In the game, you will find three levels. They all involve different levels of money and rewards. First, you have to get a certain amount of money. Then, you have to get a certain number of rewards. Then, having these two things, you can buy a certain number of items from the shop.


Office Fever mod APK is a new version of the game that provides you with unlimited money, rewards and gold. All you need to do is download the mod APK and play it. In this way, you can enlarge your office very quickly. It is very easy to play the game with the mod APK.

Office Fever 7
Office Fever 6

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How do I employ people?

You will hire people by clicking on the option “Employ” on the menu at the top of the screen: then you will be able to hire the best candidate for your company!

When can I hire a worker?

You will have to wait for your worker to finish the current task. When they are finished, you will be able to hire them to work for you!

What is Office Fever mod APK?

This Office Fever Mod Apk gives you Unlimited Money, Rewards Without Viewing Ads.

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