Remini v3.7.327.202255164 MOD APK (Unlocked, Premium Subscribed)
Remini v3.7.327.202255164 MOD APK (Unlocked, Premium Subscribed)

Remini v3.7.327.202255164 MOD APK (Unlocked, Premium Subscribed)

Unlock unlimited high-quality photo enhancement with the Remini Mod Apk. Enjoy ad-free pro features like 4x upscaling, excellent noise reduction, and batch processing for free.

Name Remini
Publisher Bending Spoons
Category Photography
Size 14.6 MB
Latest Version 3.7.327.202255164
MOD Info Unlocked, Premium Subscribed
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Remini is the most famous version in the Remini series of publisher Bending Spoons
Mod Version 3.7.327.202255164
Total installs 100,000,000+

Remini is a powerful photo enhancement app that utilizes artificial intelligence to improve the quality of your images. With the ability to upscale images, remove noise/grain, restore facial details, and more, Remini enables anyone to make their photos look better with just a few taps. This article provides an in-depth look at how to use Remini and what makes the premium modded version worth downloading.

Overview of Remini

Remini is available as a free app for Android and iOS. The basic functionality includes:

  • Photo Quality Enhancement – Improves clarity, reduces noise, upscales image resolution
  • Facial Feature Enhancement – Sharpens and restores faces in poor quality photos
  • Simple One-Touch Operation – Just open a photo in Remini for it to work its magic
  • Before/After Comparison – See the improvements side-by-side with original image
  • Batch Processing – Enhance multiple photos easily
  • Sharing Options – Save enhanced photos to camera roll or share quickly on other apps

The free version ads watermarks and has limited daily uses. By upgrading to premium or downloading a modded APK, you gain unlimited use plus additional pro features.

Remini Pro About

Key Features of Remini

Here are some of the standout features that make Remini a versatile photo enhancement tool:

AI-Powered Photo Restoration

  • Remini utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze images and restore detail. This makes blurred or pixelated photos clear.

Facial Enhancement

  • The app has been specifically trained to sharpen facial features in portraits. This makes selfies and old photos pop.

Noise Reduction

  • Eliminates ugly graininess and discoloration to make photos clean and smooth.

Resolution Upscaling

  • Enlarges images up to 4x bigger without loss of quality using AI algorithms.

Bulk Processing

  • Enhance hundreds of photos with one click. No need to manually edit one by one.

Custom Control

  • Manually adjust enhancement settings like sharpness, color vibrancy, and face smoothing.

Fast Processing

  • AI delivers swift results – typically under 3 seconds per photo.

With this versatile toolkit, Remini makes it easy for anyone to breathe new life into lackluster images.

Remini Pro Unlocked

Getting Started with Remini

Using Remini is simple – just follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install – Get the Remini app on your Android or iOS device. The free version works well.
  2. Open a Photo – Choose any image from your camera roll or photo galleries to enhance.
  3. Let Remini Work – It will automatically detect the image and start improving it within seconds using AI algorithms.
  4. Compare Before/After – Toggle between the original and enhanced version to see the improvements.
  5. Save Image – When satisfied, save the enhanced photo to your device. Share if desired.
  6. Batch Process – Use batch processing to quickly enhance multiple photos with one click.

And that’s it! Remini will do the heavy lifting – just open photos and watch them transform right before your eyes.

Remini Pro Features and Pricing

The free Remini app delivers great results, but upgrading to premium unlocks additional capabilities:

  • Unlimited Daily Uses – Remove limits on enhancements per day
  • Ad-Free Experience – Eliminate distracting ads
  • Pro Quality – Enhanced algorithms provide even better image quality
  • Custom Watermarks – Add your own watermark instead of Remini’s
  • Priority Support – Get help directly from the Remini team

Remini Pro is available as weekly ($3.99), monthly ($7.99), and yearly ($23.99) subscriptions on Android and iOS. While the free version works well, heavy users will benefit from unlimited use and better algorithms that pro offers.

Some key differences in the pro results:

FeatureFree VersionPro Version
Resolution upscalingUp to 2xUp to 4x
Noise reductionGoodExcellent
Face enhancementDecentExtremely sharp
Batch processing20 photosUnlimited

As you can see above, pro unlocks the full potential of Remini’s AI photo enhancement capabilities.

Remini Mod APK Benefits (Ads-Free, Unlocked)

In addition to the official Remini Pro subscription, there are also modded APK versions that unlock pro for free. Here are some benefits of using the Remini mod over basic or pro:

  • 100% Free – Get full access without any fees
  • No Ads – Ad-free interface for uninterrupted use
  • Forever Unlocked – Never worry about subscriptions expiring
  • Latest Pro Features – Get new pro features immediately
  • Lightweight App – Smaller download size from stripped ads/bloatware

Of course, we recommend supporting the developers if you find Remini valuable. But the mod does provide a free trial of sorts to experience all the benefits. Installation of modded APKs involves allowing “Unknown Sources” – so use trusted sources at your own discretion.

Remini Pro

Customizing Your Photo Enhancements

While Remini works wonders with just one click, you can also take manual control of the enhancement process using the “Adjust Image” advanced settings:


Fine tune the sharpness added to bring out details. Useful for selfies and landscapes.

Color Pop

Dial up the vibrancy for more vivid, saturated colors. Crank it for drama!

Face Smooth

Soften facial features subtly for a pleasant skin glow without losing sharpness.

Noise Reduce

Clean up grain and specks for smooth images. Higher values can overly soften.


Perfect the overall exposure and lighting as needed.


Heighten the contrast between bright and dark regions to add “pop”.


Eliminate digital fuzziness by increasing sharpness along edges.

With full manual control, you can really customize the enhancements to match your creative vision.

Remini Pro Mod Apk

Using Remini for Other Photo Editing

While Remini specializes in enhancement and restoration, the improved photos can serve as better starting points for further editing and manipulation too.

Here are some examples of using Remini as the first step before more editing:

  • Portrait Retouching – Remini enhances the face, then you can airbrush and refine features in Facetune.
  • Photo Restoration – Fix damage and fading issues in Remini, then do colorization and repairs in tools like Photoshop.
  • Image Upscaling – Remini handles increasing resolution crisply, then add final touches in editing apps.
  • Improving Screenshots – Screengrabs get noisy compression. Remini reduces noise perfectly before posting screenshots.
  • Meme Creation – Upgrade grainy template images in Remini before adding text captions and effects.
  • Print Products – Photos destined for large canvas prints or metal photo products benefit from Remini’s upscaling and restoration beforehand.

As you can see, Remini transformed images make excellent starting points for all kinds of photo workflows. The AI enhancement saves tons of manual editing work.

Remini Tips and Tricks

Here are some pro tips for using Remini effectively:

  • Enhance in batches for efficiency when dealing with large collections of photos.
  • Stick to minor adjustments in the manual controls – usually Remini’s auto results are great.
  • Try enhancing your profile pictures on social media for improved impressions.
  • Remini really shines for facial closeups and pet photos by enhancing details.
  • For best upscaling, ensure the original photo has moderate size and resolution to start with.
  • If faces come out weirdly smoothed in enhanced photos try tuning down Face Smooth strength.
  • Use Remini to improve photos before printing or creating merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, etc.
  • Run Remini on screenshots before posting online to minimize compression artifacts.
  • For old damaged photos, enhance in Remini first, then run tools like Photoshop’s spot healing.

Put Remini’s magic to work for all your photos and unlock their full potential!

Common Questions about Remini

Does Remini reduce photo size?

No, Remini will only make photos larger if you choose to upscale resolution. Photo optimization apps are better for reducing file size.

Is Remini safe to use?

Yes, Remini is 100% safe. It does not alter or damage originals, only enhances copies. Your photos remain secure.

Does it work on drawings or art?

Remini is designed for natural photographs. It may not enhance drawings, illustrations or computer generated art well.

Can RAW photo files be enhanced?

No, Remini only supports standard JPG and PNG images at this time. You’ll need to export RAWs first.

Will Remini fix blurry photos?

It can help reduce small amounts of blur, but cannot fix extreme motion blur or out of focus photos. Subject to image content.

Does it improve new high-quality photos?

Remini shines for old, low-quality images. While it can provide minor touch ups, newer HD photos won’t see huge improvements.

Yes, Remini has powerful batch processing capabilities to enhance all your photos automatically in one go.

So in summary, Remini is a versatile AI-powered photo enhancement tool that can breathe new life into poor quality images. With the pro mod APK, you unlock unlimited high-quality photo restoration for free. Improving old memories or touching up portraits is just a few taps away with Remini.

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