Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK v1.38 (Weak Opponents, Alter Run)
Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK v1.38 (Weak Opponents, Alter Run)

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK v1.38 (Weak Opponents, Alter Run)

Change the Alter Run during the race and make your horse the leader. You can weak opponents with Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK.

Name Rival Stars Horse Racing
Publisher PIKPOK
Category Sports
Size 939.3 MB
Latest Version 1.38
MOD Info Weak Opponents/Alter Run
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Rival Stars Horse Racing is the most famous version in the Rival Stars Horse Racing series of publisher PIKPOK
Mod Version 1.38

Horse racing is a sport that many of us grew up playing. Throughout the years, there have been multiple horse racing games released. Some were truly amazing and some weren’t so great. If you’re looking for a horse racing game that will challenge your skills, look no further than Rivals Stars Horse Racing Gameplay!

This video game is easy to learn but difficult to master. You need to be attentive in order to figure out the best strategy for each race track and for each horse you are about to bet on.

Luckily, we got you covered with this guide covering everything from the general gameplay elements to tips and tricks specific to this horse racing game!

Rival Stars Horse Racing Cheat


We all know how horse racing games work by now, right? You pick a horse, then try to predict its performance based on the odds it will win, and the other horses competing. The base game only comes with one horse and one racing track to play on.

However, you can get the Horse Racing Pack to unlock and try out different horses and the tracks they run. Horse racing games are popular and can be played on both PC and mobile devices.

Many allow you to bet on horse races and earn rewards! Horse racing games are popular for many reasons, including the fact that they’re easy to play and understand, and there are many options to choose from.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MODs


In this section we’ll cover the general gameplay elements of horses racing video games. Horse racing is a sport that is based on predicting the winners of races. But predicting winners is a lot easier said than done! In order to predict the winner of a race, you need to look at a lot of factors. Is the horse athletic? Is it well-trained? Is it in good physical condition?

How does it perform in different environments? All of these factors play a role in deciding the winner of a race. Each horse racing game out there has its own set of factors to consider. In order to make your horse racing predictions as accurate as possible, it’s best to try and play around with all these factors. The challenge is in figuring out which ones make the biggest difference.


We have gathered a few tips and tricks that can help you become a better horse racing player. We hope that you enjoy the guide and use them to further your horse racing career. Remember: the only way to improve is by actually putting your knowledge into practice!

  • Try to Pick Horses That Have Been Offered At Low Odds
  • Pick Horses That Are In Excellent Physique
  • Being Patient In Guessing The Odds On Your Next Bet Can Pay Off
  • Make Sure You Have A Backup Horse Ready In Case You Miss Your Guess
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Don’t Be Shy About It
  • You Can Easily Play Mobile Horse Racing Games In Your spare Time
Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk


In this section, we’re going to walk you through the horse racing scene of the game. The horse racing scene lets you set up a betting account and track betting stats for your account. You start out with a horse racing scene with a few options.

You can start tracking betting stats, or you can create a new account. Creating an account is optional and allows you to track betting stats and make bets. You can also change your nickname, which is optional. Your horse racing game has one main screen – the menu.

The menu has options for creating an account, tracking stats, changing your nickname, and more. These are the main screens you’ll see in your horse racing game.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk Download


This section is dedicated to horse racing strategies specific to this game. In it, we will cover horse racing strategies that you can use to win more often and make more money.

We are already talking about horse racing strategies specific to a specific game. Horse racing games are unique games with unique challenges. You need to be flexible and adaptable in order to succeed.


Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK + OBB is an Android Horse Racing game that offers a unique gaming experience with its Weak Opponents feature. You can now enjoy horse riding on your mobile phone with Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK . This game gives you the opportunity to live the life of a jockey as you take part in different horse races.

There are different race tracks to choose from and you can also create your own horse. You will be able to compete with other players from around the world in Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK.

The Weak Opponents feature will make your horse ride easier by giving you an edge over your opponents. You can use the Alter Run button to change the direction of your horse during the race. Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK  is a must have for all horse racing fans.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a great game that can be hours of fun. However, there is a big problem with the game: the AI is too easy to beat. This makes it hard to justify spending money on the game, as it’s not very challenging.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Apk Mod


Q: How to get Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD?

You can download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD from our site.

Q: What is the advantage of playing Rival Stars Horse Racing with Weak Opponents feature?

With this feature, you can easily win horse races as the opponents are significantly weaker.

Q: Is it safe to use Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use as it does not modify any game files or interfere with the game in any way.

Q: How to Install Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK?

Just like any other Android game, you can install Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK by downloading the APK file and copying it to your phone’s internal storage.


Thank you for reading our guide on how to play horse racing games. Horse racing games are a relatively easy to learn type of video game. They’re also a challenging form of entertainment.

Horse racing games combine strategy, betting, and luck. There’s a lot of skill involved in winning, so it’s important to learn how to play and understand the game. We hope you enjoy the guide!

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