Royal Adventure v1.0.9 MOD APK (God Mode/Diamond Multiplier)
Royal Adventure v1.0.9 MOD APK (God Mode/Diamond Multiplier)

Royal Adventure v1.0.9 MOD APK (God Mode/Diamond Multiplier)

Royal Adventure MOD APK gives you access to God Mode. You can also earn a Diamond Multiplier. Royal Adventure MOD is perfectly designed.

Name Royal Adventure
Publisher YU-one Game
Category Adventure
Size 462.5 MB
Latest Version 1.0.9
MOD Info God Mode/Diamond Multiplier
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Royal Adventure is the most famous version in the Royal Adventure series of publisher YU-one Game
Mod Version 1.0.9

  • Mega God Mode
  • Attack Multiplier
  • Diamond Multiplier (do not exceed 2.147.483.647 after completing the stage or the game will crash)
  • Faster Movement Speed

Royal Adventure is a role-playing game based on action-adventure and fantasy that is set in a world filled with unique and creative characters. The game is based on the idea of a beautifully crafted world with the player taking on a role of the leader of an adventure group made of powerful warriors. In the game, the player is given the ability to control a group of warriors in order to take them to different levels and face challenging enemies.

Royal Adventure


Royal Adventure has three different game modes: Adventure, Adventure+Monster Battle, and Adventure+Puzzle. The mode that you play determines the type of content that you’ll be exploring. 

  • Adventure mode: is meant to be a more traditional RPG, where you’ll be exploring a new world and defeating monsters. 
  • Adventure+Monster Battle mode: is more of a sandbox type mode, where you can battle against monsters and collect treasure. 
  • Adventure+Puzzle mode: is a more puzzle-focused mode, where you can solve puzzles.
Royal Adventure 1


Royal Adventure is a fantasy roleplaying game that is geared towards people who want to lead a group that goes on an adventure. There are many different types of game modes. For example, the game has a “free mode” and a “battle mode.” The free mode doesn’t have a time limit, so players can explore the world and accomplish their goals. Players can also use the battle mode and take on quests, and then fight monsters, solve puzzles, and collect treasures. Players can also create their own quests by writing these quests down in a journal. They can earn in-game currency for completing quests in this way, which will allow them to recruit adventures. Players can also recruit heroes from other realms to their group.


There are three types of monsters in Royal Adventure: easy, normal, and hard. The easiest monsters are found in the upper floors of the dungeon and are relatively easy to kill. The normal monsters are found in the middle floors of the dungeon and are in between easy and hard. The hardest monsters are found in the lower floors of the dungeon and are very hard to kill. There are also some puzzles and other objectives in the dungeon that require players to complete.

Royal Adventure 2


When you start playing Royal Adventure, you start out as a lowly adventurer. As you progress, you level up and start to unlock new abilities to make your adventures easier.


Royal Adventure is an adventure role-playing game. Players can recruit all kinds of different warriors to form an adventure group, and control the entire adventure group to go to the level to kill monsters, solve puzzles, collect treasures, etc. Become an outstanding leader.

Royal Adventure 3


Become an outstanding leader. The game is made for players who want to be the most outstanding leader in the world. If you are the leader of your own adventure group, what will you do? What is the most important thing for you to do? Will you raise your sword to protect your team? Will you help your team to find the treasure? Will you be the leader that your team needs? Be the most outstanding leader!


Royal Adventure assures players that the Mod Apk is perfectly designed. Royal Adventure Mod Apk is a great tool for players who are familiar with the game. Royal Adventure Mod Apk is also a great tool for players who are still learning about the game. The Mod Apk is an easy way for players to level up and earn a Diamond multiplier. Royal Adventure Mod Apk is a great way to get diamonds for free. With the Royal Adventure MOD Apk, players don’t have to worry about having to pay for the in-app purchases.

Royal Adventure 4

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Is it safe to use?

Yes, the Mod Apk has been perfectly designed and tested for player safety. 

Can I earn diamonds for free with the Royal Adventure Mod Apk?

Yes, Royal Adventure Mod Apk includes a Diamond multiplier that allows players to earn diamonds for free. 

Is the Mod Apk easy to use?

The Mod Apk is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate. 

Do I have to pay for in-app purchases with the Royal Adventure Mod Apk?

No, the Mod Apk allows players to earn diamonds for free and eliminates the need for in-app purchases.

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