Stellar Wind Idle MOD APK v0.5.7.3 (Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs)
Stellar Wind Idle MOD APK v0.5.7.3 (Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs)

Stellar Wind Idle MOD APK v0.5.7.3 (Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs)

Stellar Wind Idle MOD APK allows you to get Unlimited Alloys and Ancient Orbs. You can upgrade your spaceship very fast, defeat your enemies.

Name Stellar Wind Idle
Publisher Entropy Games Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 172.3 MB
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs
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Stellar Wind Idle is the most famous version in the Stellar Wind Idle series of publisher Entropy Games Studio
Mod Version

The cosmos is a terrifying place. Nowhere is safe from the constant war with the relentless enemies. You were an officer who leads an exploration fleet for the purpose of protecting the human race. With the horrors that stretch across the cosmos, it is almost impossible to keep fighting. At least that was what used to be until the aliens came with a message that simply said, “reason.” That’s right, reason. The very thing the cosmic wars are fought over. The alien race that came with their message of reason has the solution to a war where there is nothing but death and destruction.

Stellar Wind Idle


Have you ever wanted to build your own interstellar ship? Then look no further than Stellar Wind Idle! In Stellar Wind Idle, you can build your own ship, upgrade your ship and take on a boss before continuing the journey. You can also build and upgrade your ship while flying around. There are also many weapons and modules to choose from.

Stellar Wind Idle Skills


The universe is an amazing place, but not everyone likes to think that. Sometimes it is better to stay in your own little bubble to avoid the horrors of the unknown. In Stellar Wind Idle, you are in charge. Your job is to explore the universe, find amazing modules and investigate space as if your life depended on it. You will have to explore different planets, construction ships and spaceships. The stars are literally at your fingertips. There are many different objects to find and build. You can also explore the vast universe. Take control of your own spaceship, build it and look for enemies to destroy.

Stellar Wind Idle Space


Customize your spaceships. In order to be successful in the game, you will need to build your own spaceships. The majority of the time, you will need to build a spaceship from the ground up, as it will not be given to you by the developers. There are many different parts of a spaceship, and it is important to think about how you would like your spaceship to look and what your goals are for the game. You can build many different things in Stellar Wind Idle, but one of the most important parts is the spaceship.

Stellar Wind Idle MOD


When you want to build your own ship, you don’t need to be a space engineer, a science nerd, or a master of metallurgy. There are many different modules that you can get, and you can use them to build a ship that fits your needs and your playstyle. For example, you might want to get a ship that’s perfect for traveling from planet to planet, so you can get the modules that will help you reach your destination more quickly. You can also get modules that will include a cloaking device to avoid enemy ships. The modules are all different, so you won’t find yourself using the same one all the time.

Stellar Wind Idle Upgrades


Stellar Wind Idle is a space simulation game where the player is tasked with building ships, fighting and surviving in an unforgiving galaxy. It is the player’s job to explore space, collect resources, and build anything in order to maintain the galaxy.

Stellar Wind Idle Fight


As you level up, the game gets a little harder. If you’re looking for a new challenge, the Stellar Wind Idle MOD APK allows you to get unlimited alloys and ancient orbs. With this MOD APK, you can upgrade your spaceship very fast. You can defeat your enemies, and become stronger and stronger.

Stellar Wind Idle Tactical


What is the best way to protect my fleet?

The answer is simple: keep moving. Do not let your fleet become stationary, as this will make it an easy target for enemy forces. Keep your fleet moving and explore as much of the cosmos as you can. Remember, the more you know about your enemies, the better equipped you will be to defeat them.

What should I do if I encounter an enemy force?

If you encounter an enemy force, do not engage them directly. Instead, try to outmaneuver them and avoid their attacks. If you must engage them, do so from a distance and use your ship’s weapons to destroy them.

What is the best way to find new resources?

The best way to find new resources is to explore as much of the cosmos as possible. Keep your eyes open for planets that may have what you need, and be sure to scan them thoroughly before making your approach.

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