Stumble Guys v0.55.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlocked All)
Stumble Guys v0.55.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlocked All)

Stumble Guys v0.55.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlocked All)

Stumble Guys Mod Apk offers a wildly fun twist on party games for quick daily entertainment. Getting competitive while laughing at jelly bean physics never gets old!

Name Stumble Guys
Publisher Scopely
Category Action
Size 171.28 MB
Latest Version 0.55.1
MOD Info Mega Menu, Unlocked All
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Stumble Guys is the most famous version in the Stumble Guys series of publisher Scopely
Mod Version 0.55.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

Tired of battle royales? Looking for chaotic casual fun with friends? Then you need to try Stumble Guys – the wacky ragdoll physics party game that’s taking mobile by storm! With its outrageous obstacle courses and jelly bean characters, Stumble Guys delivers competitive mini-game mayhem at its finest.

Let’s take a plunge into this addictive multiplayer sensation:

Stumble Guys

Introducing Stumble Guys Madness

Stumble Guys drops you into a wild world of miniature party games against other bean-shaped characters, ranging from races to survival battles.

The goal in each micro-game is simple: reach the finish line while sabotaging opponents with diabolical traps and obstacles.

With its easy swipe controls, ragdoll physics, and escalating madness, Stumble Guys makes it joyfully hard to stay on your feet!

Key elements of the delightfully fun gameplay include:

πŸ•ΉοΈ Swipe Controls – Intuitive swipe gestures move your bean guy, jump over obstacles, grab objects, and shove opponents.

πŸ˜‚ Wacky Physics – Beans ragdoll wildly, bounce, and crash with over-the-top physics, constantly knocking each other over. Hilarity ensues!

🏁 Multiplayer – Compete against 7 other beans in real-time in each micro-game for intense player interaction.

πŸŒ€ Dynamic Levels – Race through 25+ levels with moving platforms, traps, and interactive objects to add to the chaos.

⚑ Powerups & Gadgets – Grant temporary advantages like speed bursts, magnetism, shrinking foes, and other creative powers.

With its easy to pick-up but deeply fun competitive action, Stumble Guys makes it joyfully challenging to keep your little bean character upright!

Stumble Guys 1

Mastering Ragdoll Platforming

Half the fun of Stumble Guys comes from its over-the-top ragdoll physics as beans collide, stumble, dive and get flung wildly around levels. Here are some tips for platforming success:

πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Pace Movements – Tap gently to tiptoe across narrow platforms and time jumps carefully. Mash to run fast when necessary.

🀸 Bold Jumps – Fling yourself forward with swipes for maximum distance. Zip between moving platforms.

πŸ§—β€β™‚οΈ Climb Quickly – Scramble up walls and obstacles rapidly using two-hand swipe gestures.

🀝 Grabs – Hang onto edges or even other beans to avoid falling completely. But don’t cling for too long!

πŸ›‘ Avoid Hazards – Watch for traps like spikes, bumpers and laser walls. React fast to get past safely.

πŸ†˜ Recoveries – After a stumble, button mash to get back on your feet quickly and keep going! Don’t just give up.

With practice, you’ll be platforming even the most treacherous courses with bean-like agility – while sabotaging your friends along the way!

Stumble Guys 2

Devious Maps and Modes

One of Stumble Guys’ biggest strengths is the sheer variety of devious maps and modes on offer – there’s always new chaos to experience! Popular highlights include:

Door Dash

  • πŸšͺ Recipe: Race opponents through closing door gates and other moving barriers. Time it right!
  • 🏁 Goal: Rush to the finish before doors shut completely! Watch your tail!


  • ❌ Recipe: Jump across floating platforms while strategically triggering their collapse.
  • 🏁 Goal: Survive as the last bean standing above the slime!

Egg Scramble

  • πŸ₯š Recipe: Push giant eggs into your team’s nest faster than other teams. Get cracking!
  • 🏁 Goal: Have the most eggs in your nest when time expires! Protect them from sabotage!

Bubble Trouble

  • 🫧Recipe: Pop bubbles floating around to send opponents plummeting into slime.
  • 🏁 Goal: Last bubble bean wins! Avoid getting popped.

With outrageous concepts like tricycle races, bubblegum climbing, fruit cannons, and more, no two rounds ever feel the same. Expect new mini-games added monthly too!

Stumble Guys 3

Customizing Your Beans

A major part of the fun comes from styling your wobbly bean people with unlockable costumes, colors, accessories and emotes:

🎨 Colors – Unlock bold colors like red, green, blue and get rainbow shades.

πŸ‘— Costumes – Dress as animals, food, holiday gear and other cute outfits.

🎩 Hats – Top yourself with everything from wizard hats to bike helmets.

πŸ•ΆοΈ Glasses – Shades, masks, monocles and more to look dashing.

πŸ”Š Emotes – Dab, clap, cry and cheer to communicate or taunt!

With tons of cosmetic rewards for completing challenges, you can get very creative with your bean’s look and show off during matches!

Stumble Guys 4

Escalating Level Progression

As you complete races and games modes, you’ll level up your bean and gain access to new areas:

🌁 Worlds – Progress from city subways to jungles, desserts, skies and more wacky worlds.

⭐ Ranks – Climb ranks from lowly Beansprout πŸ₯œ to Supreme Beanlord πŸ’Ž!

πŸ… Challenges – Daily and seasonal challenges with cosmetic item rewards for completing them.

πŸ‘‘ Leaderboards – Compare high scores and win rates against friends and players globally.

With rewards constantly driving you forward, getting good at Stumble Guys’ physics-based chaos becomes quite addictive!

MOD Features – Enjoy God Mode Chaos!

The regular Stumble Guys delivers endless casual fun on its own. But the MOD APK takes the zaniness up a notch with:

πŸ”“ All Outfits Unlocked – Dress up freely right from the start!

πŸ”“ All Emotes Unlocked – Taunt friends with any victory dance you want.

πŸ’ŽUnlimited Gems – Buy perks and cosmetics without worrying about costs.

βœ”οΈ No Ads – Enjoy uninterrupted sticky bean chaos!

With the mod, you can focus on just the costume creativity and hilarious platforming challenges without any grinding. Take your pick!

Either way, Stumble Guys offers a wildly fun twist on party games for quick daily entertainment. Getting competitive while laughing at jelly bean physics never gets old!

Stumble Guys 5

Top Tips for Champion Beans

Here are some pointers for mastering courses and sabotaging opponents successfully:

  • Take time learning each level’s obstacles before racing all out.
  • Pace swipes slowly on tricky terrain, mash fast on straightforward areas.
  • Grab edges or opponents to prevent falling completely.
  • Shoulder bash other beans approaching narrow passages.
  • Wait for moving platforms and objects to align before attempting risky jumps.
  • On survival levels, target opponents already off-balance for effective sabotage.
  • Equip funny costumes and emotes to distract your competitors.

By combining patience, quick reflexes, and occasional ruthlessness, you’ll soon be stumbling your way to sweet victory!

Time to Get Stumbling!

With its delightfully simple controls paired with deep physics-driven gameplay, Stumble Guys is an instant must-play for mobile gamers looking for chaotic casual fun. There’s nothing quite like sabotaging friends as flailing jelly beans across madcap obstacle courses!

And the mod removes any pointless grinding, letting you jump into outfitting and flaunting your bean right away. Race, stumble, grab, and laugh your way to wobbly victory today! Just try to keep your bean upright for more than a few seconds…easier said than done in this gloriously slippery game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require an internet connection to play?

Yes, you need a stable internet connection, as all matches are against real opponents online. No offline mode exists currently.

Is it kid friendly?

Definitely! The wacky jelly bean characters and slapstick physics make it very family friendly. No objectionable content.

Can I play with just my friends?

Not yet, but the developers are working on adding friend invite and custom rooms in a future update!

Are the microtransactions necessary?

Absolutely not! The core game is 100% free and unlockable through skill. IAPs are just for speeding up cosmetic collecting.

What are the device requirements?

Stumble Guys needs at least Android 5.0 and 2GB RAM. It can lag on very low-end hardware. But overall it’s lightweight!

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