Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK v22.1107.00 (Unlimited Money)
Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK v22.1107.00 (Unlimited Money)

Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK v22.1107.00 (Unlimited Money)

Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK is a modified version of the original game that allows you to get unlimited money. Try it now and have everything.

Name Sweet Home : Design & Blast
Publisher Puzzle1Studio
Genre Puzzle
Size 135.19 MB
Latest Version 22.1107.00
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Sweet Home : Design & Blast is the most famous version in the Sweet Home : Design & Blast series of publisher Puzzle1Studio
Mod Version 22.1107.00

Welcome to Sweet Home : Design & Blast Mod, a difficult but addictive block game that’ll keep you entertained for hours! Match colorful blocks to collect various props and reach your missions. If you need a little help, use special item! And decorate people’s homes with mission rewards and enjoy a sweet life!


Sweet Home : Design & Blast is a colorful block game that kids and adults can enjoy! The objective of Sweet Home : Design & Blast is to collect props and reach your missions. Each time you complete your mission, you’ll unlock new rewards. The game is free to play.

Sweet Home Design Blast 2


Level up. Collect props and missions to make your sweet home more beautiful and stylish. Play the game and stay entertained. What happens when you have one job, but your boss is giving you another? Our hero learns the hard way that this is not good for your sanity. Luckily for him, he meets a new friend who helps him in his quest for sweet revenge.

Sweet Home Design Blast Puzzle


In Sweet Home: Design & Blast, you’ll have to complete various missions in order to progress to the next level. It is important to note that each mission will not be the same. You’ll have to do a variety of things, like match three colors, add a certain number of props, or match a certain number of blocks. For the most part, you’ll just have to complete the missions, but the more difficult levels will require you to do more.


When you first start playing Sweet Home: Design & Blast, you will find a number of special items that you can use to help you in your quest to collect more props and reach more missions. You might find the need to use a special item when you are stuck and cannot move on. Using a special item is a great way to get past a difficult level. There are many different types of special items.

Sweet Home Design Blast Decorate Room


From matching colors and collecting props, you’ll find yourself in a world of color and creativity. You’ll also find yourself in a world of fun and laughter, as you match props and people’s houses, decorating their homes with your own creations. To collect the objects, simply match the same color blocks of the same size. When you match a block, it will disappear and you will collect a whole block of the same color. You can collect a whole row of blocks by forming a line of blocks. When you complete a level you will get a token that you can use to buy more items. If you need a little help while playing, use the special item, which will help you a bit and make the game a bit easier. Enjoy a sweet life, playing Sweet Home : Design & Blast!


Decorations are a vital part of the game. They make it more fun to play and can give you more chance to earn more bonuses. Decorations can be earned in many different ways. Some are earned by collecting props, some are earned by completing missions. There are also those that are earned in the daily rewards. In order to decorate, you’ll need to spend your coins.

Sweet Home Design Blast


With a colorful and diverse design, you’ll love playing as much as decorating! There are multiple game modes to keep you playing all day. Whether you like to do missions or want to collect props, there’s something for everyone. It’s simple to close yourself off from the world and unwind, and then come back to work when you’re ready. Rewards are given for missions, and you can use them to decorate homes with them. You can decorate homes for others, or have them decorate your own. The game is free to play, so download it now and start spreading the love!

Sweet Home Design Blast 1


Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK is an game that will allow you to play the original game and win. With this Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK mod, you can get unlimited money. This is an original game, where you try and design your own room and make it look pretty. But, in order to win, you have to be able to purchase everything and still make it look good. This Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK mod can help you do that. Sweet Home: Design Blast MOD APK now and get all the money you need.

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