Download: The Battle Cats Mod APK 11.8.0 (All Cats Unlocked)
Download: The Battle Cats Mod APK 11.8.0 (All Cats Unlocked)

Download: The Battle Cats Mod APK 11.8.0 (All Cats Unlocked)

Battle Cats Mod APK unlock all cats. It allows you to have a much more comfortable and easy gaming experience.

Name The Battle Cats
Publisher PONOS Corporation
Genre Casual
Size 105 MB
Latest Version 11.8.0
MOD Info All Cats Unlocked
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The Battle Cats is the most famous version in the The Battle Cats series of publisher PONOS Corporation
Mod Version 11.8.0

  • Unlimited Cat Spam

If you like strategy games and combat games, this is the game for you. Battle Cats is a strategy and combat game. You play as the cat who has to save the world. You can collect treasures and defeat bad guys. It has hundreds of stages across three Story Mode adventures and the Legend challenges. You can also unlock the Fire the Cat Cannon to blast baddies getting too close to your base!

The Battle Cats 1


The Battle Cats journey starts with a battle against the Cat King’s seven evil generals, and then leads into three Story Mode adventures. The first is a tale of a cat who is trying to find his way home, the second is about cats who got lost and found their way home, and the third is about a cat who wants to take over the world! The Legend challenges are a challenge to get you to the next level in this exciting game. It starts with a battle against a big boss, and then you have to defeat the boss’s army and steal their treasure.

The Battle Cats 2


The Battle Cats are a game that is based on a cartoon cat by the name of Patches. The game begins with the player taking control of Patches. The player then ventures into the world to battle, explore, and collect treasures in order to save the world. There are three different modes that the player can play through. 

  1. The first is the Story Mode. This is where players will adventure through the game. 
  2. The second mode is the Legend Mode. This is where players will try to complete the game in an attempt to get the best score. 
  3. The third and final mode is the Challenge Mode. This mode is a set of levels that the player will have to complete in order to unlock different bosses to battle.

There are a total of three Story Mode adventures and two Legend Mode adventures. Along with these there are two Challenge Mode adventures. This means that the player can play through a total of six different modes. There is a total of 400 levels that the player can play through.

The Battle Cats 3


The Legend challenges are a type of normal stage that can only be accessed by completing a certain portion of the game. For example, the first Legend challenge is available after completing the first 10 stages. There are dozens of Legend challenges to complete, and they provide unique, interesting and challenging stages. Each Legend challenge is a normal stage, and it is not a separate mode in the game.


The Cat Cannon is your ultimate weapon. It’s powerful, it’s accurate, and it’s suitably cute. You can either fire the Cat Cannon or throw it like a boomerang, but be careful if you fire it – the Cat Cannon can knock back any enemy in its path. It’s a powerful weapon that’s great for taking out tough enemies. The Cat Cannon is a powerful weapon you can use to overcome your enemies. When you first start out, you’ll only have one Cat Cannon, but as you explore stages and complete missions, you’ll unlock new Cat Cans.

The Battle Cats 4


Cat Squad is a central feature of the game where the player can customize their cat team by choosing the best cats to fight with. Each cat has a unique ability that can turn the tide of battle. Cat Squad is a feature that is essential in all stages of the game, but especially in the late stages of the game.

The Battle Cats 5


The Cat Base is your base of operations and the place where you can upgrade your Battle Cat squad. The Cat Base is full of features and resources to help you out on your quest. Upgrade your Cat Base to make it more powerful with resources like Cat Food, Coins, and Cat Planks. You can also do upgrades like the Cat Cannon so that you can blast enemies with a powerful blast of Cat Power. In addition, the Cat Base is full of Cats that you can use for different purposes. Select your best Cats for the job and then send them out against your enemies. Come back to your base and feed them for even more power.

The Battle Cats 6


Cats are known for their stealth, speed, and power. Use these to your advantage by stealing treasures from the enemy base. Collecting treasures will help you upgrade your Cat squad, so get your paws ready to raid the enemy base!


The Battle Cats Mod Apk is a new Battle Cats game mods that allows you to unlock all cats. It is a great tool for any players that enjoy the game. This Mod Apk is a must-have for any players that want to improve their game and make it more enjoyable.

The Battle Cats


Q: Is The Battle Cats a mobile game?

Yes, The Battle Cats is a mobile game that is available on iOS and Android devices.

Q: What type of game is The Battle Cats?

The Battle Cats is a Strategy game.

Q: Who developed The Battle Cats?

The Battle Cats was developed by PONOS Corporation.

Q: What is The Battle Cats Mod Apk?

The Battle Cats Mod Apk is a new Battle Cats game mods that allows you to unlock all cats.

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