Wrestling Empire MOD APK v1.5.0 (VIP Unlocked, Pro Version)
Wrestling Empire MOD APK v1.5.0 (VIP Unlocked, Pro Version)

Wrestling Empire MOD APK v1.5.0 (VIP Unlocked, Pro Version)

Wrestling Empire MOD APK is a mod version of the original Wrestling Empire game. It offers many new features, including VIP Unlocked, Pro Version, and more.

Name Wrestling Empire
Publisher MDickie
Category Sports
Size 150.4 MB
Latest Version 1.5.0
MOD Info VIP Unlocked/Pro Version
Get it On Google Play
Wrestling Empire is the most famous version in the Wrestling Empire series of publisher MDickie
Mod Version 1.5.0
Total installs n/a

  • VIP Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gold Per Minute
  • Unlimited Stamina Per Minute
  • Unlimited Coins Per Minute

Mobile gaming is an area that has undergone quite a bit of change recently. Thanks to high-end graphics cards, mobile games can now pack in detailed worlds, and can be much more faithful to their PC counterparts.

But one company is taking things a step further, and it’s to do with mobile wrestling. With the release of their new game, Wrestling Empire, the developers have taken mobile gaming to the next level. This Article provides the insights into their development methods.

Wrestling Empire Unlimited Gold


Wrestling Empire is an addictive and challenging mobile game where kids and adults compete in a wrestling ring. Players can choose their favourite wrestler and engage in one-on-one battles, tournaments and leagues.

The game has been completely redesigned to offer a smoother frame-rate, higher resolution visuals and a completely redesigned user interface. It also includes new features and effects to enhance the fun and make the game more challenging.

Wrestling Empire Tips


The team over at Wrestling Empire have been working hard on their new game, which is now available on the App Store. The game is a mobile wrestling game with a retro style, with a lot of depth and no loading times.

The game has been developed with the best in mind, and has the highest resolution visuals on mobile. The game also has a smoother frame rate, with a lot of new features and effects. The game has been developed with a lot of replayability, which is a huge plus for a mobile game.

The game has also been developed with a lot of control options. You can change the speed of the match, or change the angle and movement in order to find the perfect match for you.

Wrestling Empire Pro


In Wrestling Empire, you can play a multiplayer game with a friend or against the world. The game features a single-player mode, as well as a multiplayer mode, which is unlocked when you reach a certain level in single player. The multiplayer mode is unlocked at Level 7.


Every wrestler starts a career at the bottom of the ranks but with time, dedication and dedication, a wrestler can rise to the top of the ranks and become a champion.

In the WWE Universe, every wrestler is ranked according to their success and their worth. If you are a rookie, you’ll have to work your way up the ranks before you can expect to be considered for a championship match.

The same goes for the veterans. The same goes for an era. The same goes for a promotion. The same goes for a single development. Every promotion has its own rankings and is worth the same.

This means that in order to earn a championship match, you’ll have to make the right moves to impress your boss and earn your worth. No matter how big or small your promotion, you’ll have to go through the same steps to become a champion.

Wrestling Empire Mod 4


In order to get the highest level and be the best player in the world, you need to level up. If you’re stuck in a level, you might need to find a new strategy.

Perhaps you can’t beat the boss, so you should try the other levels. Or maybe you should try to find a new hero that is more suited to your style of play.

If you’re stuck in the game, try turning off the music. It will help you concentrate and be able to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Stay calm! It’s not the end of the world.

Wrestling Empire Mod


Champion Joachim’s wrestling style is unique, with a number of unique moves and a unique fighting style. Champion Joachim’s wrestling style is based on a mixture of Power and Technical. Champion Joachim’s wrestling style is based on the following moves:

  • Dropkick 
  • Jumping Dropkick 
  • Spike Piledriver 
  • Diving DDT 
  • Springboard Enzuigiri


Its main focus is on a fun and quick gameplay experience that is easy to pick up and play. This is achieved by using the touch screen for moves and attacks. Another key feature is the Fighting Spirit meter. This meter determines the strength of your attacks and the speed of your movements.

Unlike other games, you don’t have to wait for the timer to run out, as the meter is constantly in motion. This means that you always have the advantage and can use it to your advantage.

It is also designed to look like a classic wrestling game, with no loading screens. This means that you are always competing in real time and can’t wait in between matches.

Wrestling Empire Mod 2


The game will have multiple game modes, including “Career Mode,” the “Promoter Mode,” and “Story Mode.” Career Mode will be the main mode of the game and will allow players to create their own wrestler. Players will start from the bottom of the sport, work their way up and try to retire undefeated. The game will also feature a “Career Finisher” mode in which players will be able to create a finisher for their character.

  •  Story Mode: and Online Mode. Story Mode allows players to take on the role of a rookie in the wrestling industry, following a career path and winning matches and earning money to improve their character and their rewards. 
  • Online Mode: gives players the chance to take their created WWE Superstars online and compete against other players in the real world. What makes these modes of play stand out is the ability to work backstage and make moves. The more you work backstage, the more chance you have of improving your character, and the more money you can earn.


Wrestling Empire MOD APK is a mod version of the original Wrestling Empire game. It offers many new features, including VIP Unlocked, Pro Version, and more.
The Wrestling Empire Mod APK is an app that lets you download the Pro Version of Wrestling Empire without spending a dime. This app is available for free and can be downloaded for Android devices. This app is a mod and it is an app that lets you access what you can’t normally.

As a player, you can now gain access to all the features that are normally locked. This app is also a game that allows you to build your own wrestling empire that greatly limits the amount of players who can be on it. This is a game that sets you up for success so that you can have a successful wrestling empire.

Wrestling Empire Mod 1


Q: Is this game for kids?

It is suitable for all age groups.

Q: Which devices does it apply to?

Wrestling Empire is a mobile game that is available on iOS, Android, Windows. It is a very addictive and challenging game where players can compete in a wrestling ring.

Q: How much does the Wrestling Empire Mod APK cost?

The Wrestling Empire Mod APK is free.

Q: What are the benefits of the Pro Version of Wrestling Empire?

The Pro Version of Wrestling Empire has the following benefits: 
-VIP Unlocked 
-Unlimited Gold 
-Unlimited Stamina 
-Unlimited Coins
-Unlimited Gold Per Minute 
-Unlimited Stamina Per Minute 
-Unlimited Coins Per Minute

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